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  1. I've uploaded another psd file. The layer with the text was sent as text.
  2. Hi, Its the layer titled "back cover text" Thank you for looking at it. Duane
  3. This has created a lot of problems for me and the artist I'm working with. She uses Photoshop. Been trying to get her to switch to Affinity. When she finds out the problem is with Affinity she will laugh and laugh. Why oh f'n why is that import psd line not checked by default?????? It still doesn't fix one of the layers. It still opens as a pixel layer. But the others open as text. Is there any way I can get this one last layer to be text?
  4. Thank you, I will try your suggestion. I can't tell you how many apps I have tried to layout a book. Publisher is the best by far. I also like Indesign but if you factor in that ridiculous subscription it's a no brainer. I hope someday (soon) Publisher is a one stop place for KDP.
  5. There is a disclaimer on the website telling me that the best results don't come from PDF's and use one of the other formats instead. It's true. When I upload the same PDF as I used for the book the formating is all wrong.
  6. Hi, I love using Publisher to layout print books. Unfortunately KDP doesn't like PDF format for Kindle books. I've used Libre office to convert to html but that was a failure. Here is a list of different types of formats for Kindle. What's the best way to get from PDF to something that will work on KDP? Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX) Kindle Create (KPF) HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML) MOBI and ePub Rich Text Format (RTF) Plain Text (TXT) Thank you in advance
  7. Hi, thank you all for your responses. I was only checking it in my photo viewer and it looked as if the background was still there on the corners. In actuality, it was the huge white and gray tiles I was looking at.
  8. hi, here is what you asked for. the subscribe2original file is the file I'm trying to remove the corners from. thank you UPDATE: I think it is working correctly. On export the white/gray grid is huge and it looked as if I still had a color on the corners. is there any way to shrink that background grid? subscribe2.afphoto
  9. hi, version I'm trying to make a button with transparent rounded corners. I have transparent background checked in document. I've tried this: "So, I did flood selection tool > Select > Invert pixel selection. Then > Selection Brish Tool > Refine > New Layer I then exported the new layer." That didn't work. I also tried this: (03)How to Export a logo in Affinity Photo to a .png file with Transparency: In case you have created a logo in affinity photo, provided that you have already have removed the background color[using the 'flood select tool'[w] or other selection options]. If the background is transparent you will see white and grey boxes. You can now export .png file with transparency either using : File > Export... [OR] 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'Shift' + 'S' and choosing .png [OR] second method would be using the 'Export Persona' Persona[its at the end with 3 circles]. Once you are in this persona,to the right side you will find Panels for 'Layers' and 'Slices'. All Logos or Graphics that are created in modules like for example 'Layers','Groups' etc are already provided as slices in the export panel,based on their dimensions(length,width),but you can create a custom slice by using the 'Slice Tool'(shortcut 'S' in export persona) to define your own area of slice. Once slices are there,you can select each slice,in this case your logo image,and click the play like button(a Triangle button that collapses or expands slices) at the left side to reveal the export options that you can select. Click the '+' button to add multiple images,here you will choose the 'PNG' option from the dropdown. now click the 'export' button for each image to export one image format at a time manually,or you can click the 'Export Slices' which indicates the no of slices selected and export all the image formats in one go. In case you want to export the .png file when ever you make any changes to the layer,you can check the 'Continuous' option to let Affinity photo automatically export the .png file for you in background,when ever you save the document. That didn't work. how do I do it??????? thank you, Duane
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