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Found 9 results

  1. Please unify the function and control of Flood tools. Flood Fill Tool: (why doesn't Blend Mode label like Tolerance and Source?) Flood Select Tool: I understand that the Mode is important for the Select Tool and therefore comes first - but why isn't the order of the other controls the same as the Flood Fill Tool? Why is the Source before the Tolerance, and in the Fill tool is at the end? Flood Erase Tool: Why Erase doesn't have Contiguous and Antialias options? I understand that it is possible to use the Flood Select Tool and then press Delete, but if the Erase function is already there, why can't it have the same options and thus the same function? Thank you.
  2. why are Recent picked colors are not listed when using VECTOR FLOOD FILL? bug???
  3. Hi, I am really amazed and I'm missing the basic functionality which exits in a lot other tools, which is to use flood select tool(Magic wand in paint.net) with CTRL+Click to add more selections to currently selected areas in the image. I really don't understand how this can be missing. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, first post here. New to Affinity Photo and love it so far. I need some help with the flood tool. I don't think I will ever use it at 20% but it always revert to that value from one document to the next. Is there a way to set it to 100% as default? I saw a post dated from a year ago saying sticky values were in the works for tools. Any progress on that front? Or maybe some of you would know how to fully turn to black an adjustement layer in a quicker way? I like to paint from the layer the local adjustements that I need and would appreciate either the flood tool to always be 100% or to be able to create an adjustement layer that is black by default, which would be even faster. Any idea?
  5. I apologise if I'm missing something obvious, I've searched through the Affinity Photo online manual and the help forum and not found anything. Every graphics app I've used until Affinity has supported using multiple layers to constrain fills from the flood fill (paint bucket) tool - think of scanning in a line drawing, putting it on an upper layer, setting to multiply and using the line art to constrain fills on a layer or layers below. (I'm talking all pixel layers, BTW, no vector stuff). The flood fill tool has a control for tolerance and toggle for non/contiguous but no control to respond to single or multiple layers. Is there another way of doing this or is the feature not yet present?
  6. Hi there, All the tutorials show cutting simple shapes out of a very differently coloured background which is fine.. but what do you do when you have to cut out something more complicated like a person from a very similarly coloured background?? For example, I need to cut the attached man out of the background of each picture but his skin and shirt are dark and so is the background. I am having great difficulty doing this without going and manually erasing it myself which is time-consuming. Please help me understand how I can do this easier! Cheers!
  7. Flaming Pear's Flood -- There is some slight improvement over the current official release, but Beta 5 still does not render application of the plugin correctly. Topaz Labs -- B&W Effects, Clarity, Clean, Detail and Star Effects work correctly in my tests. However, plugins which Topaz has recently upgraded, do not work in Beta 5. I used PhotoLine 20 as my non-Photoshop control editor. That app runs all of the above-referenced plugins. Bob
  8. Hi everyone I just installed the new lovely Affinity photo and start to play with the features. After first test I ran into some bugs: 1. Selection: DRAG+Right Button to add a new selection is not working 2. Flood selection tool works randomly; once even crashes the whole program. 3. The selection cursor is invisible on a dark background 4. Lighting tool. When changing Distance, Inner or outer cone ... in toolbar the auxiliary lines (starting point of the lighting) jump to the top left corner of the image. 5. Selection: Color range. I miss the possibility to select one ore more specific colors
  9. I'm trying to select part of an image with the Flood Selection Tool and it won't select. Check out video below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/st4oil37j1axus6/Flood%20selection.m4v?dl=0
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