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Found 4 results

  1. I have run tests with the Flaming Pear plugins: Super Blade Pro, Flood, Glitterato, Lunar Cell and Solar Cell. Although they do not work correctly right out of the box, all but one of these Flaming Pear Plugins can be run successfully in the Windows version of Affinity Photo with a workaround. 1. When run within Affinity Photo, the preview window for Flaming Pear plugins splits the image into irregular segments, making it useless for assessment of the way the rendering will look when sent back to AF. However, the preview can be made to render properly if the active layer in AF is selected with the Retangular Marquee Tool before calling the plugin. This works for Flood, Glitterato, Lunar Cell and Solar Cell because they are designed as global applications for a layer. However, Super Blade Pro is usually applied to a local selection; thus you're stuck with a hit-and-miss approach to finding your desired plugin setting for that app. 2. Each Flaming Pear plugin comes with a library of presets (in a subfolder for the preset) which can be randomized in the plugin control panel. You may have to manually point the plugin to the subfolder when this is first run.
  2. So using the Solidify filter plugins from the Flaming Pear Software is essential for my texture work. Currently they are crashing Affinity Photo as soon as they are applied. I can see the correct results in the canvas sometimes before it crashes. I saw this issue being raised in the forum like 2 years ago and it seems there wasn't any development that made it possible to use said plugins. So any advice on achieving the same results without using Solidify B? Would Serif be interested in integrating such filters or is anyone else working on developing a working plugin? Below are the plugins if anyone wants to check 'em out http://www.flamingpear.com/freebies.html
  3. Flaming Pear's Flood -- There is some slight improvement over the current official release, but Beta 5 still does not render application of the plugin correctly. Topaz Labs -- B&W Effects, Clarity, Clean, Detail and Star Effects work correctly in my tests. However, plugins which Topaz has recently upgraded, do not work in Beta 5. I used PhotoLine 20 as my non-Photoshop control editor. That app runs all of the above-referenced plugins. Bob
  4. I would like to be able to use the Flaming Pear plugins (http://www.flamingpear.com) that I previously used in Adobe Photoshop in Affinity Photo. I really like these plugins and use several of them frequently in Photoshop. In Affinity Photo, the plugins load, but the images they produce are fragmented and filled with artifacts that make they finished image unusable. I have attached a screen shot of the plugin window as seen inside Affinity Photo with the fragmentation in the preview portion of the window. Thank you for your time developing this fantastic tool!
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