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Found 4 results

  1. Publisher 2.2.1 ~ Mac App Store ~ macOS 11.6.2 iMac ~ Acceleration ON ~ Hello... I am re-making a digital planner for next year - last year was a manually edited of 700-ish pges. The file was 29Mb finished. I am using the same master pages, and this year I am data merging and making the merged pages as I go, and at only 10 pages, the file is 163Mb. The key difference is last year was using Publisher V1, and not data merging with the same OS and hardware. I have a Master page with a Data Merge Layer (created with the Data merge layout tool with 4 columns x 31 rows). The merge layer has 4 fields mapped - each in a text frame. The data merge works sucessfully, and generates an untitled publisher file with the resultant page populated. This is saved as untitled.afpub. I add the merged page into my publisher file [Document | Add pages from file]. This is also successful. I add another master page to this (header, footer and left index). This works. This makes a month summary page. save... 3 Observations: Importing the merged page also adds a duplicate of the master page [exact same name as the original] image attached. The file size doubles after adding a new merged page. The file started as a 5Mb file, and is now 163Mb with 9 pages. There are no images, backgrounds or heavily filled tables. Each of the 31x4 fields is turned into a group in the merged page. The save and open times are getting exponentially longer as the file grows - making it impossible to keep adding pages via data merge. The plan is to add the 12 month pages manually with data merge (got 10 done), then a month of daily pages with one daily merge Master... It may take me until 2024 to get this done. Add Page from file Correctly merged page added to publisher document Applied added Master page . This is OK. : ) File Size Increase : (
  2. Hi, I'd like to request a feature that would allow me to add nodes directly between existing nodes on a shape, similar to how Illustrator's "Add Anchor Points" tool works. I think this could be even better if you could select which nodes you want to add nodes between, rather than this only working for the entire shape. For example, if I have a circle with 4 nodes, and I select the top and left nodes and use this tool, it would add a single node evenly spaced between the two on the existing path at the top-left of the circle (see screenshot). If I select the entire shape, it would add 4 nodes, one between each connecting pair. Thanks!
  3. On a 13" MBP 13" with default resolution (1280x800) the bottom end of the Tools are not visible if docked. I couldn't find something to click on, that the Tools will be docked in double columns. Appreciate any help, many thanks in advance! Cheers, Roland
  4. Serif: Why do I have to pay twice just for an incremental upgrade from 1.3.x to 1.4.x?? I'v now paid $100 and can't understand why you're charging for a mere upgrade. I would appreciate any explanation you can offer. Thank you, Mark Bradley
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