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  1. This photo manipulation artwork is "The Rest Of The Moon". I want to give a break to the moon that works the same routine always~ "The Rest Of The Moon" speed art : https://youtu.be/AcqqmanKBRM?list=PLaYwL68IKsHT621IiqxrLp3tVp2xYHc7W
  2. This photo manipulation artwork is "Dreaming Girl & Grandpa Elephant". When I was young, I had a lot of good memories about film camera, so I made this artwork to remember it. "Dreaming Girl & Grandpa Elephant" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWs6WzBEP0A
  3. Hi All. I'll be 76y/o in a few weeks (April 2023), so no spring chicken! Art has always been a self-schooled, serious hobby for me, working with colour pencils, water colour, water colour airbrush and oils. I have been comfortable doing fairly basic photo manipulation in PhotoShop for years, but dumped them for Affinity when they went subscription - and don't miss them one bit! So ... I thought, Why not give digital art a go with this wonderful new suite! Eighteen months in and - from absolutely nowhere - I have illustrated three children's picture books for two different authors. All have been granted Mom's Choice Awards, Honouring Excellence on all three and I'm working on a fourth as I write. I love working digitally. I'm a huge fan of illustrations by Beatrix Potter and I like to think my work is in that vein with a modern twist. I have attached a few favourites here. All created entirely in Affinity Photo ... Enjoy!
  4. This photo manipulation artwork is "Mystical Portal". I thought about how nice it would be if I could create a portal like Dr. Strange. Of course we cannot do that, so I just made it with affinity photo https://youtu.be/OuvvePz0rrg
  5. This artwork is "Wings of Salvation". One day, I was comforted just by looking at the sky so I hope that comfort can be conveyed to people who are enduring difficult times. https://youtu.be/xNDL1x988HM
  6. This artwork, I'm going to fall back into the dark world and show a horror piece. The title is "Ghost Island." "Ghost Island" speed art : https://youtu.be/vqsRXVrvO_4
  7. I imagined that if I had a baby, I would go on a space trip together, so today I made an image of it~ "Walk in a Strange Place" speed art : https://youtu.be/7eYe8s2q5zU
  8. I saw two suns in my dream so I wanted to make an artwork like a beautiful landscape painting. But the meaning of two suns is "Confusion" in the dream interpretation. That's why I put the title "A Beautiful Confusion" "A Beautiful Confusion" speed art : https://youtu.be/coRmX5__vkU?list=PLaYwL68IKsHT621IiqxrLp3tVp2xYHc7W
  9. This photo manipulation artwork is "Fly High Turtle," which I made to cheer for myself. I'd appreciate if you enjoyed watching it. "Fly High Turtle" speed art : https://youtu.be/8CPjNYaDLxE?list=PLaYwL68IKsHT621IiqxrLp3tVp2xYHc7W
  10. I really enjoy watching Netflix's Strange Things Season 4. It was so exciting, and it inspired me a lot. So this photo manipulation was done with the atmosphere of "Stranger Things Season 4" "Awakening of The Dark Lord" speed art : https://youtu.be/cvvUGIaUdNU
  11. When I saw some photos about mountains, forests, and old-style bridges, I thought the movie "Indiana Jones". So I made adventure-style photo manipulation like "Indiana Jones" with the green snake that I have "Don't Wake The Green Snake" speed art : https://youtu.be/-X77XVzxpPE
  12. I saw red flowers garden a few days ago, and it felt like an different planet. So I made the garden into a red planet that I felt. "Red Planet" speed art : https://youtu.be/vOm1uFa_LMk
  13. Since I was young, I loved flying boats, so I imagined traveling in space on a ship with my parents. So this time, I made "Travel to Space" by affinity photo manipulation. "Travel to Space" speed art : https://youtu.be/ZKt7Z9moTkQ
  14. When I was a kid, I thought it would be nice to have two moons. Do you know that when you see two moons in dream, it's a very good dream? So I imagined looking at the sea where two moons rise. "The Ocean of Two Moons" speed art : https://youtu.be/5pCDcwMzo4o
  15. I like fantasy a lot so I really wanted to make a fantasy story about dragon with photo manipulation. And recently, I found a really cool dragon image in pixabay so finally, I was able to work with the dragon. Thank you to "pendleburyannette" for giving a great dragon free image "The Last Dragon" speed art : https://youtu.be/D2FYrOcGLd0
  16. Three of my last digital collage artworks. I used this time exclusively Affinity Photo and Inkscape with my MacBook Pro instead of other well known software.
  17. Walking on a quiet country road at night, I saw something moving near a tree in the distance. So I thought it was just a cat, but when I got closer, it was a wooden swing. I was about to pass by thinking that someone made a swing on the tree but I thought why the empty swing kept moving... so I got goosebumps. So when I got home, I tried to make that creepy feeling into photo manipulation with affinity photo. "In The Dark Forest" speed art : https://youtu.be/FcBrhmGdFCg
  18. This Photo Manipulation work is "Ghost in the Road". When I was young, I heard a lot of stories about ghost in the road. So I've actually been on those roads to see ghosts but I've never seen it. So I worked "Ghost in the Road" through photo manipulation with affinity photo. "Ghost in the Road" speed art : https://youtu.be/5hJQapGFigM
  19. Since I like to see animals, I took a lot of photos. So this time, I also worked on photo manipulation with the theme of animals. The main character of this photo manipulation is Mouflon that is small but has very nice horns. Please enjoy "The Secret Meeting"~ "The Secret Meeting" speed art : https://youtu.be/aUFlLsE6Xfg
  20. I think most photo manipulation artists would have worked on a flying whale once. So this time, I worked on that subject matter with affinity photo. It's always an interesting and fun work for me so I hope you guys enjoy, too. "Swimming in the Sky" speed art : https://youtu.be/OW03MeqD99E
  21. The Three Sisters in Australia Blue Mountains, there is a story that comes down from a long time ago. Although there are many different versions of the story, anyway the main character is three sisters and dark sorcerer is the main villain. So this affinity photo manipulation, I worked with the story of three sisters in Blue Mountains. "The Legend of Three Sisters" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziEGRamqi1I
  22. After finishing "The Legend of Three Sisters", I wanted to make photo manipulation with some legend stories of Korea. But there were so many similar legend stories that I couldn't choose one. So, I tried to manipulate the photos with some common elements. Among them, the traditional Korean old house, Hanok is so great and beautiful, but sometimes it is the background of very scary legend stories. "Cursed Old House" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnb8TMPOyHs
  23. In a galaxy far, far away... oh wait, that's been used already. Ok, never mind (but it is! 😁). Anyway, my iMac died last week and I'm stuck temporarily on my MacBook Air until my Studio arrives (probably in a month 🤞). I can't go that long without producing *something* so I made do with the MBA's 13" screen and my Intuos Pro, and just started playing. This is a composite/painting done in Affinity Photo and Designer. The rocket was made in Designer then brought into Photo. The planet we're on is actually a 2 x 3 foot section of granite I photographed a bunch of years ago for a client plus there's another rock outcrop in there from the same shoot; the moon is a moon I got from Universe Creator picked up from Design Cuts, as is the flare around the sun and the gas clouds. Everything else is coloured/designed/placed using Affinity Photo. It's not much really, but I had fun (and I'm now blind from squinting at a 13" screen 😆). Enjoy.
  24. Maybe because I like sci-fi or fantasy movies, I always think about it when I see or hear something new. That was the case when I traveled Blue Mountain in Australia. Looking down at the endless mountains and forests from the top, I thought there would be something happen we didn't know. So this time, I worked one of the most vivid image in my memory that I imagined while looking at Blue Mountain. "Mystery Circle Gate" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YsAqNtJZ6g
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