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Found 7 results

  1. I'm producing a template for a step-by-step guide, updating an old design produced in other software. Once created, these guides are unlikely to be updated more than once or twice a year. The original design includes the date last exported/printed on the back page. The format used is in the style of month year (for example, July 2021) and this works nicely for these guides. Now that I'm trying to implement this in Publisher, I can't see a way to drop the offered day of the month from the field. Is there a way to override this that I'm missing? In shorthand, I'm after something like mmm yyyy - not some variation of dd mmm yyyy. If we have to, we can obviously enter or update this manually, assuming we remember - but it would be nice to have this aspect automated. In case it's significant, it's specifically the Printer or Exported Date field that I'd like to use. I did come across one or two posts from a couple of years back asking for similar functionality, but I suspect that it isn't available yet.
  2. Hi, I'd prefer not to have the exact date in the document. Only month and year. I don't see a user defined option for the date in field settings. Is there a way with version 2.0.4? Best, Michael
  3. I import picture with batchjob, works realy very nice, but I need to see the original creationdate of the picture. Where can I find that? I looked everywhere, and I am used to photoshop where you can find it in the profile. I cannot find that in Affinity Photo. Is there somebody who know a way to get it? I Work on a Imac. mvg Jan Verstraten
  4. Hello, is there any information of a release date for Affinity Publisher? And will it be 55€, like the other programs? Sincerely, badyherz.
  5. Hi all, I am brand new to Affinity Publisher beta. I've been using Microsoft Publisher for years but wanted to move away from it and explore something else. Affinity Publisher, although foreign, feels pretty good so far. I know it will take time to feel as comfortable with it as MS Publisher. Question 1: When I export my newsletter creation to a pdf, every text box used displays on the pdf with a blue border around it. Is there a way to make the textbox borders invisible or black? Question 2: Is there an easy way to have the date / volume and issue carry through from page to page. Auto-numbering of pages would be great too! I will be watching the long tutorial video on YouTube as well, but this will get me quickly on track for this week! Thanks, Gary
  6. Is it possible to keep the original date on photos when I export my photos from Affinity Photo 1.5? Same thing goes when I develop RAW pictures as well? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I really want to see the RC for windows ready to buy (We want to say "shut up and take my money!", you know it... xD) Can you give us an approx date? Now seriously... Some people pay for the "rival" software per year instead doing that per month, so knowing that info will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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