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  1. I'll add my request for a calendar creator within Publisher as well!
  2. Hi Domink, Thanks for the welcome and the helpful advice! I look forward to learning how to better use Affinity Publisher! Gary
  3. Hi Dave, 1.) Blue Lines - My original export was viewed in the apple preview application. I was either hallucinating or my updated PDF exports no longer have the blue lines. 2.) Autonumbering, etc. - Thanks, I'll do that! Next step, after this busy weekend, is to watch the Affinity Publisher Beta tutorial on YouTube by Elaine Giles! If you have any other recommended resources, please advise. Thanks again for the helpful information! Gary
  4. Hi all, I am brand new to Affinity Publisher beta. I've been using Microsoft Publisher for years but wanted to move away from it and explore something else. Affinity Publisher, although foreign, feels pretty good so far. I know it will take time to feel as comfortable with it as MS Publisher. Question 1: When I export my newsletter creation to a pdf, every text box used displays on the pdf with a blue border around it. Is there a way to make the textbox borders invisible or black? Question 2: Is there an easy way to have the date / volume and issue carry through from page to page. Auto-numbering of pages would be great too! I will be watching the long tutorial video on YouTube as well, but this will get me quickly on track for this week! Thanks, Gary
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