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Found 6 results

  1. Serif team, For God's sake, please make it possible to link (vs embed) text documents. The Affinity Publisher team seems disinterested in supporting document collaboration. Affinity Publisher is not a reasonable choice in most corporate environments, since reports, user guides and similar documentation requires multiple contributors, necessitating some form of collaborative capability. As a technical writer I have worked in multiple corporate environments, currently for the US Government. In each environment I advocate using Affinity Publisher ─ since the alternative is Microsoft Word 😒. While exploring the feasibility of using Affinity Publisher for the Government I ran into the same issue ─ the only major issue, no collaboration capability. Affinity Publisher is mature enough for collaboration to be a high priority. The following is a Serif Affinity sponsored video explaining linked and embedded resources in Affinity Publisher. At 30 seconds it explains: "an advantage of using linked resources is you can utilize collaborative workflows. It allows colleges and other users to make changes to the image files separately": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5YIUkksr4Q With publications, collaboration needs are primarily for text, not images. Please make Linking and Embedding work with text documents!!! In June 2022 I offered the following suggestion, which is more comprehensive and complex to implement, but would also satisfy this need and may further distinguish Serif Affinity as an innovator.
  2. As I am starting to use Publisher for more projects and finding a pain point – Collaboration. Currently it’s not possible to share a Publisher document with a client who doesn’t have the Affinity Suite. I currently have to export as PDF, upload to a third party service that allows sharing and commenting, and then work through the PDF comments to update the document. It would be amazing if I was able to upload a document to an Affinity Cloud service, where clients can comment on the read-only document which is synced with my Publisher Desktop for me to action. Failing that, the ability to download an Affinity Viewer so clients can view the document for comment without needed an Affinity license. Thanks
  3. Serif guys, I am a technical writer/business analyst, and love Serif Affinity applications. Too often companies use Microsoft Word for designing and publishing documents. Many would argue Word is not the right tool ─ I agree. However Word provides a significant advantage... Everyone uses it. It's not about familiarity or convenience, that resistance is relatively low. It's about document portability. Usually one person or a small team is responsible for integrating content and desktop publishing. However, often documents must be passed to managers or SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for input and technical accuracy refinements. Affinity Publisher has no mechanism for supporting that workflow. Therefore it is not practical to use Affinity Publisher in this massive market. I believe two things would facilitate this workflow: Create a comment/revision mechanism in Affinity Publisher, similar Track Changes in Microsoft Word, or Document Review in Corel WordPerfect. Develop Affinity Publisher Lite. Purpose: provide extremely simplified Affinity Publisher capability for text and color editing, comment annotation, and other tools designed around the needs of document contributors. This simple application should not provide page layout, typography, photo, or vector editing capability. Other enhancements could be incorporated later: 'Mark Section for Editing' that locks all other sections, preventing unauthorized or accidental changes Cloud based synchronization of edits (syncs only rich text and comments) Collaborative editing ─ similar to Google Docs or Word 365 Basic Edit (or Lite) Persona in Affinity Publisher that provides only Affinity Publisher Lite functionality, preventing unwanted changes This capability is also beneficial for design studios and freelancers, for collaboration and approval with their clients. Thank you for considering my suggestion.
  4. Hi, I hope this one is no duplicate but I could not find anything like this one. I would really love to use AD on software projects with multiple designers, but to this day I could not find any pragmatical way to simultaneously work on e.g. UI designs with more than one designer. The limitation is that only one person can work on an .afdesign file at a time, otherwise there would be file conflicts (if for example the afdesign file is stored in a synced cloud service like dropbox). Since the .afdesign file is binary (not in a text based format like e.g. json or xml), we also cannot use git for example to somehow try to merge conflicting versions of the .afdesign file. Maybe I totally miss something here, but so far I believe there is no pragmatical way to collaborate with multiple designers on a single .afdesign project file, and I would love to see changes regarding this topic For me it would be worth to purchase another license if this feature set would be introduced in AD v2 or something Please keep on your great work!
  5. Hello there, a feature i would love to see is one that apple uses in their iWork apps to create real-time collaboration among multiple people. A feature like this would be amazing and it would leap-frog excisting collaboration features in other software.
  6. Allow for the document story to be uploaded to the cloud to be remotely edited in a collaborative environment. I'd like to see something akin to InDesign-InCopy workflow but much easier/better — without installing additional software and doing it entirely via a web interface. Every now and then a project happens where a copy needs to be edited by either a client or a bigger group of authors/editors/proofreaders. We all know how it looks on average — lots of phone calls or emails with tons of text changes, unbearable Word docs for you to copy/paste the shit throughout the day. Bigger projects can deploy InCopy but it means purchasing additional software and then learning it and your average client won't like this very much (I've been there!). But still it's pretty awesome to be able to just click 'update' after an editor sends you changes via InCopy and watch text and tables magically update. You just focus on the design, yay! I think, with today's technologies, it could be possible to ditch additional software, sync document story to the cloud and build a web interface where clients and editorial team would work on the copy. Having a web interface would take away all the problems associated with software installation (documents could be accessed anywhere, from any device) and be more client-friendly. Does that sound remotely (pun intended) possible? B)
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