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  1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for discussing this with me. Regarding the technical details on how to achieve this real-time collaboration, I don't know, perhaps you know more about that. Having it work cross-platform is ideal of course. All though Affinity already supports iCloud which is an apple only feature too so depending on how hard it is to integrate, it could be a platform only feature to I image. When it comes to live collaboration vs. async collaboration, I believe live collaboration simulates the actual real world more. Working together physically is actual "real-time" and not async. So to that end I believe that how faster you can get feedback on the work that you do, the better the collaboration will be. I can image that you don't see the advantage in a feature like this, but I think Google Docs showed that real-time collaboration actually made a lot of sense to people after it was introduced, before that feature people would say; why would I want anyone else to type through my sentence. Users will find a way to make use of the real-time capabilities and will like it because it shows an up-to date version of the document/model/file that they are working on. As lots of tech companies would say; "it keeps everybody in sync". I can imagine that in Affinity Publisher, it would be great to see in real-time that others are working on different slides. Really feeling that together with colleagues you are working towards a certain goal. Perhaps Photo and Designer are a bit different but I believe that it reflects the real world way better than async does. I myself work in a big design office in The Netherlands and always work async. I would love to work more collaborative with my colleagues.
  2. Hello, WWDC 2022 has a section on a live collaboration api and how to integrate this in an app. I was wondering is Affinity has any plans to use this? Live collaboration in any of the Affinity tools would be amazing and very useful in the age of working from home.
  3. Hello hatch, I read your posts on this forum and on rhino's. I use the same setup and tried out some fixes mentioned above. It's true that the Aviary plugin seems to be only for Windows (as there is no apple icon on the Food4Rhino website) but sometimes these plugins do work. I was able to install the plugin on my rhino 5 for Mac + grasshopper and export an .svg and then import it in affinity designer The grasshopper plugin should work for you too. aviary11020002.zip test 1.afdesign test 1.gh test 1.svg
  4. Definitely! Real-time collaboration is certainly a feature that the Affinity suite needs to have
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, those options are not there. I've manage to do it through vector pdf output now. Not the greatest workflow but it does the job. Thanks Walt
  6. Hi all, when I export a vector drawing to .ai from rhino and open the .ai file in affinity designer, I'm only getting the canvas ratio of the drawing that I exported. I can't see any vector lines. I've check if there was something wrong with the export from Rhino but the .ai file seems fine. So it seems to go wrong in affinity designer. Perhaps a setting of mine? attached is the file that I like to open. Are you able to open it? model.AI
  7. right i see. I've had it for a longer period of time that 14 days yes. Though, i find it a bit difficult that this is not an option in some way. Perhaps it has to do with Apple and not you. but it is a shame for people who like to organize it well. Thanks for the quick reponse
  8. Hello, I downloaded Photo en Designer from the MAS, but downloaded Publisher from you guys directly. I like to change that so I can get Publisher from the MAC as well regarding overview/updates. Is it possible to get a refund or is that some other way in which we can arrange this? Thank you. best, Remy
  9. Hello there, a feature i would love to see is one that apple uses in their iWork apps to create real-time collaboration among multiple people. A feature like this would be amazing and it would leap-frog excisting collaboration features in other software.
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