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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, those options are not there. I've manage to do it through vector pdf output now. Not the greatest workflow but it does the job. Thanks Walt
  2. Hi all, when I export a vector drawing to .ai from rhino and open the .ai file in affinity designer, I'm only getting the canvas ratio of the drawing that I exported. I can't see any vector lines. I've check if there was something wrong with the export from Rhino but the .ai file seems fine. So it seems to go wrong in affinity designer. Perhaps a setting of mine? attached is the file that I like to open. Are you able to open it? model.AI
  3. Remy Konings

    Publisher from Mac App Store

    right i see. I've had it for a longer period of time that 14 days yes. Though, i find it a bit difficult that this is not an option in some way. Perhaps it has to do with Apple and not you. but it is a shame for people who like to organize it well. Thanks for the quick reponse
  4. Hello, I downloaded Photo en Designer from the MAS, but downloaded Publisher from you guys directly. I like to change that so I can get Publisher from the MAC as well regarding overview/updates. Is it possible to get a refund or is that some other way in which we can arrange this? Thank you. best, Remy
  5. Hello there, a feature i would love to see is one that apple uses in their iWork apps to create real-time collaboration among multiple people. A feature like this would be amazing and it would leap-frog excisting collaboration features in other software.

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