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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I have tried to stack different light files with different kinds of settings. But they all keep stopping a third into the stacking and nothing furter happens.. Anyone else having this problem? Best regards Lars
  2. 22 minutes total from 4 and 6 second exposures Loosely followed processing method from https://www.youtube.com/@AstroFarsography titled "Astrophotography Editing Tutorial With Affinity Photo" exported and processed with "AstroSharp by Deep Sky Detail" (AI shrpining) opened in Afffinity Photo for another curve adjustment and also applied "Shadow Stretch" and 60% "Enhance Structure" from James Ritson's "JR - Astrophotography V15 (16-bit)" free macro package. bortle 6, fair seeing equipment: C8 > IRc ut > Ds10c/imx294 Exos II PMC-8 mount
  3. Following the recipe of our own J.R., found here https://affinityspotlight.com/article/shooting-series-1-polaris-star-trails/ , I was happy to be able to come up with this result. Used here was a Canon 1100D, 50mm f1.8 lens, intervalometer (about 10 from our Chinese friends) set to 30s bulb and 10s pause. 50 photos made. Affinity really brought out some nice colors. Next time I will try better to center on Polaris and make 200 photos. Clear skies for all of us, Irving
  4. Affinity Photo is very powerful when it comes to stacking of deep sky photos in astrophotography. Great features, great macros, great tutorials. Thank you! The Sun is very active these days and shows plenty of details in their solar spots. Is there a way in Affinity Photo to stack hundreds of TIFF or FITS images of the Sun in order to increase S/N and sharpness? Thank you for your support.
  5. I am trying to understand the adjustment curve layer that the built in astrophoto stack feature generates. When the stacking is done, there are two adjustment layers. First is a levels adjustment, and then a curves adjustment. When I click in the little white box on the curves adjustment, I get this: The histogram is barely visible at the bottom. Then when I click on the box next to where it says master: and choose one of the selections (by the way what is that box called?) This now lost all of the adjustments and you can not get them back. Behavior is the same on Windows 10 and Mac OS. Windows 10 is at A few questions 1) if I want to take the curve as Affinity thinks is best, why is the histogram on the curve box so low as to not be useful 2) the box where I clicked grey, how come that kills the adjustments that Affinity applied? 3) what is that box called? When I hovered on it I did not get a pop up? 4) is there a technical documentation that explains each of the windows like adjustment curves? Meanwhile, what I was doing is capturing M51 (Whirlpool galaxy) with a 200 mm lens and a equatorial mount. Did not spend much time after stack but quickly got something that tells me it will be usable as I learn more: Thanks Don
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