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Found 6 results

  1. Dear developers, I have found various bugs using Publisher v. 2.00, I had absolutelly no similar experience in v. 1.x First, reccuring selection problems, on multiple machines: selecting a previously drawn line (that is a curve object, not a primitive object) sometimes is impossible selecting multiple curve points with the marque tool is not possible, I have to select one by one by clicking on them selecting objects sometimes is very hard when a text objects is near to the object, the selection automatically jumps to texts elements even if they are not too near to the object Disappearing images: yesterday I had a serious struggle in a document with multiple linked images, which disappeared, somehow I managed to reimport them, but it was tricky, the format was not particularly dangerous (transparent psd images saved with max compatibility), never had any issues similar to this beforehand Unchanged images as changed ones: Publisher constantly tryes to make me believe that one or more linked images had been changed since closing and reopening the document, these times I had to update them. The files are on local ssds, but within an Icloud shared folder, never had any similar issues beforehand with v 1.x. Wrap object with layer effect(s) applied: When I switch to Designer persona inside Publisher, and apply a wrap deformer, after this I revert back to Publisher persona, and try to apply a layer effect (for example drop shadows), the effect is applied only within a boxed area which is unusable and nonsensical, if I make this wrap object to a simple curve object then the effect works correctly. Color palette problems: sometimes the palette reverts to cmyk sliders, it is a little irritating compared to v 1.x with which I never had any similar experience Thank you for your attention. I hope these will be addressed very soon, because most of these are serious flaws in the new application. Anyway Publisher is my preferred tool in a lot of scenarios.
  2. When a photo is linked, file is saved, file is closed, the file is opened again the previously linked photo will disappear when scrolling. See attached pdf with screen captures. Affinity Publisher 2 Version 2._Error.pdf
  3. Liebe Affinity Team, ich bin ein big fan von euch, aber was ihr hier mit der V2 gemacht habt, ist bestenfalls ein Beta-Status. Ein Absturz nach dem anderen. Kann Dateien einfach nicht mehr öffnen, ohne das Affinity Publisher V2 abstürzt. Die Verlinkung zu Bildern ist fehlerhaft. Auf einmal fehlt ein verlinktes Bild, obwohl ich es nochmal verknüpft habe. Dann kann es helfen es einzubetten - ist aber auch nicht Sinn der Sache! Bei der Parametereingabe erscheint immer zuerst eine "0", obwohl ich eine andere Zahl eintippe und, und und ... wann kommt ein Wartungsupdate? Das erst mal bin ich richtig enttäuscht !!!
  4. I'm working on a document with text and small SVG files. One minute the images are visible and I can export the file to PDF. If I reopen the document a little later, the SVG files disappear on their own. I have not even looked at that page for a time. You can clearly see that APub's Page's panel shows the images, but on the pages themselves the images are not there: This is a bug as it is has happened without me doing it. Resource Manager shows the files as OK and linked. If I delete the picture from the frame then add it back in the page works again (a very time consuming task), until I close the document and reopen it. Then they disappear again. It is not just this page, but several other pages with SVG files (all created in AD). All the images are on the local disk in the same directory, or one below, the afpub file. Another customer has seen this too:
  5. Some linked SVG files are lost when the afpub is opened again later. The SVG itself and the afpub are unchanged from when the image was placed (I use git file tracking, so I'm confident that both files are unchanged) and yet the SVG is not listed in the resource manager, despite it actually rendering when I first open the afpub: Changing to another page and back again, the image disappears: The outline shows that the image is still there and linked: The transform panel for it shows an uneditable width and height of 0: While the top bar shows what looks like more or less correct information about the linked image, except for the 0x0 pixels: Adjusting the DPI or scale appears to have no effect at all. Replacing the document with the same image results in wild DPI numbers that will not change regardless of what I set them to, it always resets to this negative number: The only way to "fix" this that I've found is to completely delete the placed image control itself, then place the image again in the document. This works until it eventually breaks again at some point, and has to be "fixed" again. Not all linked SVG images do this, only some of them. There seems to be no way to predict which images will do this - it appears to happen at random.
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