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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am working on a book layout for the first time using Publisher instead of Indesign and I came across a confusing case of how masterpages are applied. Say, I have two masters, one contains the chapter titles and the other uses regular text only. Now, if I apply the text master to the document page on the left and the master with the titles to the document page on the right, you can see that there's something odd happening with the numbering. That is because the Titlepage master also adds masterpage content (albeit invisible) to the document page on the left. Why is this happening? And is this a bug? Though it also happens in Publisher 1.10.6.... See how the document is structured in the vid below: 2023-09-24 12-48-06.mp4 And the file: Master page item is applied to spread.afpub The reason I am using masterpages for this is so that I can still add and remove pages during the process without having to worry whether a page is left or right facing. Doing so, I noticed many issues when I had first applied a master to a spread and then overwrote it with a master applied to a single document page (leading to double items on page and content migration issues). While the problem is obvious in the example below, it really wasn't with completely different masterpage designs. 2023-09-24 13-09-36.mp4
  2. When I create a document with a Chapter and a Text masterpage spread and apply them separately on the left and right page of a document spread, the numbered lists start misbehaving. Notice that when I use a numbered list, the number starts at 2 instead of 1. This happens in Publisher 2.2.0, Windows 10.19045. 2023-09-25 10-10-10.mp4 There also aren't any overrides for the list start: Steps to reproduce issue #1 1. Create a new document and add two new masterpage layouts with facing pages 2. For the Chapter masterpage, add a title text frame and a body text frame 3. For the Text masterpage, add a body text frame 4. Create additional pages, if they aren't there already 5. Apply the Chapter masterpage to the left hand side of the first full spread (page nr 2) 6. Apply the Text masterpage to the right hand side of the first full spread (page nr 3) 7. Create a chapter paragraph style with a numbered list set to global like this: 8. Type in the Chapter text box and enable numbered lists in the toolbar for automatic numbering * Notice how the list starts at 2. Issue #2 If I add the chapter page to the 4th page and the text page to the 5th, the numbering is also off: 2023-09-25 11-24-26.mp4 Steps to reproduce 9. Continuing on from issue #1 10. Apply the Chapter masterpage to page 4 11. Apply the Text masterpage to page 5 12. Enable numbered lists and type in the Chapter text box with the numbered chapter style. * Notice how the numbering starts at 4.0 instead of 2.0. (or 3.0 when considering the initial numbering started at 2.0 for the previous spread). File for issue #1 Chapter numbering starts at 2.afpub File for issue #2 Chapter numberin starts at 4.0.afpub See forum thread for discussion:
  3. Hi, I have a strange problem. If I use mixed Master Pages for a single spread, the text on the other page flows around the objects from the other Master, that are however not there. Please see the images, it's quite clear: (see the red circle around the spot in the lower third of the right side) This is the Master applied on the left side (on previous picture, it's a bit modified, that's why the right and left sides don't match): Its quite strange, probably a bug. In the attachment, I will add the (shortened) APu file, as soon as I get home. It shows in both V1 and V2, and no matter, whether the Windows or Mac version. I haven't really checked that on iPad, as the hyphenation there is a mess... Thanks for any suggestion and help. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I would still prefer to not have such artifacts... Thanks! Lectionarium Cisterciense, Pars Hiemalis (excerptum).afpub
  4. There seems to be a problem when applying a master page (faced pages) to only one side of a layout page (spread). I have created a paragraph style with automated numbering to automatically number my pictures in a document. On my master page i have placed 2 picture frames on the left side of the spread and two picture frames on the right side of the spread. Below each picture I have placed a text frame to which I have applied the above mentioned paragraph style. The pictures are now automatically numbered across the whole document on any page. If I now apply this master to only the right side of a layout spread, the text frames from the left side are also placed within the "master layer". They are hidden and do not show up on the page, but will be considered for numbering so in the document two numbers will be skipped. This even happens on the first page of the document, so the numbering will start with "3". I am aware of the possibility to create separate master pages for every left or right page, but with several page layouts this would double the number of master pages and makes them very confusing as I already have 20 different page layouts... Manually deleting the unwanted elements from every layout spread doesn't seem to be a convenient option either... I guess this is a bug and not a feature, or is there anything I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help! Markus
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