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Found 2 results

  1. Recently I noticed that Designer 2.x files with artboards get clipped when placed in another document. The placed image has a correctly sized frame, but its contents are not fully drawn. The clipping occurs on the top and left side of the frame. It doesn’t matter how many artboards you have or in which Affinity app you place your graphic. This problem is most noticeable when the artboard fits tightly around its contents. It is not a display issue, as the exported PDF shows the clipping too. This issue only occurs in Affinity versions 2.0 and 2.1. Version 1.10.6 works as expected. Moreover, a Designer 1.10.6 image placed in a version 2.1 document renders as it should. That’s why I think this is a bug. Note that this isn’t about outside strokes that get clipped off because they overflow the frame. I’m using macOS 12.6.5 and the latest Affinity Publisher (2.1). Workaround: Resize the document to the desired size instead of creating an artboard, as the clipping only occurs with artboards. Steps to reproduce: Create a new document in Designer 2.0 or 2.1. Draw a circle, say 50 mm diameter. Give it a fill. The colour doesn’t matter. Don’t give it a stroke. Select the artboard tool. Choose Selection in the context toolbar and click on Insert Artboard. The artboard size is now 50 x 50mm. Save your document. Open any of the three Affinity apps (version 2.0 or 2.1). Create a new document large enough to fit the circle. Import the circle (File > place…) The circle is clipped on two sides, but the frame itself has the correct size of 50 x 50mm. It would be great if the Affinity team could look into this!
  2. I have opened a v1 document in order to take a simple graphic from it and re-use. It is a group made of two curves and a placed embedded SVG file, the intention to copy to multiple locations and replace the embedded SVG with alternatives to label a diagram. First issue, the SVG didn't visibly transfer - just the curves - but it existed in the layers menu. Subsequent it cuts and pastes in OK, but as soon as I replace the SVG in any location it crashes. When I looked in the resource manager there was the embedded file but no preview. Using the resource manager I replaced the SVG in all 11 locations with one I planned to use somewhere within the document. It showed in Resource manager as preview and populated document OK. So I went on to attempt to replace a single SVG again in just one selected location. Same CRASH. (SVGs in the original file opened in V2 edit, swap and save as expected. New document has been working with different structure perfectly well but had not swapped SVGs only Jpgs. Tried switching paste format to SVG - no change) So I have further explored and this is an SVG for SVG swap issue. I can swap the existing SVGs for another file format JPEG, PNG, etc and then import the SVG I want. However I cannot swap that SVG for an alternative SVG. This is the situation for any document I create Publisher, Designer or Photo SVG swap crash log Publisher.rtf
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