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  1. Thanks again for the help. With your help, I managed this
  2. Thanks Thomaso and firstdefence, I shall have a play tomorrow
  3. Thanks for getting back I am looking to take a sequence of in flight shots like these and mergee into a single picture, showing them as an in order sequence acrooss thye widthe of the picture.
  4. I've done this before but I can't remember how other than a cut and paste of each picture into a master. Can anybody point me to a tutorial that shows me how to merge 6 pictures each with a bird in a different position into a single picture that gives the different stages of the bird flying across the sky. I will need to manipulate the bird into position for each overlay. Thanks.
  5. worth noting that i forgot all about this problem. I certainly never had to hit the minimise button to get correct exposure, the problem just went away. Until today. Couldn't remember what I had done until I tracked this thread down, hit the minimise button and everything is OK again. Just posting to reemphaise the success of this method as this problem appears in many threads and in most cases never reaches a succesful conclusion. It would be nice to understand what the hitting of the minimise button is doing.
  6. I had this problem start (not for the first time) a few days ago. Saw your post and clicking the minimise symbol does indeed work. I have no idea why but for now it's an easy fix. I just hope it sorts itself out but its definitely an Affinity problem. Edit, a day later, having clicked the minimise symbol for one picture, it behaved correctly for the rest of the day until I switched the PC off. Switched on today and back to dark but now can fix it with a single click.
  7. Thanks, there is a tick against transparent background in the document menu which presumably is on for every picture I open. I shall turn it off unless anyone can tell me the reason why it needs to be on. One more question please , can I change the icon to black or do I need to go back and start again. Thanks again for pointing me at the solution very quaickly.
  8. Can someone explain to me why, when I am closely following a tutorial, I get to a bit which says open a new pixel layer, my icon is transparent while the tutorials is black. This happens regularly to me when creating new layers. On a very similar example, a tutorial, I get to a bit where it says erase something and underneath is a white background while mine is transparent.
  9. This dialogue stopped but nobody ever answered whether it is possible to have before and after rather than after and before, it does seen very counter intuitional
  10. OK I get the message, Affinity Photo disappoints as a batch RAW convertor. I have PS Elements and I have RAW Therapee but I just hoped that Affinity would be my single PP package. I use NIK as well but that is integrated so It's all Affinity to me. Thanks again for suggestions.
  11. I'm happy with PS Elements which works fine for me until such time as I decide to upgrade my camera. It's just that I am very attached to Affinity now and it would be great if it would manage my total workflow.
  12. Thanks for getting back Jowday. As I was looking into your request for a RAW it made me realise that I have over simplified the problem. I had been assuming and saying here that the problem was one of producing underexposed jpg outputs from RAW as indeed has been apparent but I now realise that sometimes I get the opposite i.e. slightly overexposed. So the issue isn't what I had suggested but rather a failure by Affinity to get spot on brightness on just about every G9 output RAW shot; mainly too dark but sometimes too light. My original request is therefore irrelevant because there is no standard constant I could introduce even if there was a method of doing so. As mrqasq has now joined in I won't send another RAW. I assume that this is just an issue with Affinity compatibility with the G9. As I said in my original post there seems to be endless threads about Affinity and RAW batch processing and I'm still not a lot wiser re what the overall problems are. Thanks to everybody who has contributed.
  13. Thanks. As the batch process is very slow anyway, I think I am better for now using my old PS Elements until such time as the version I have hasn't kept up with my camera model. By then hopefully Affinity may have caught up.
  14. I'm all up to date on Affinity 1.8.3 and on Windows 10. I trialled Affinity Photo a year ago and never took it up because the RAW batch processing results were impossibly dark. Tried it again this year and the problem had significantly disappeared so bought the product but the problem is still present as a minor niggle of just half a stop dark
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