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  1. Thankyou , thankyou, I am stupid, I was getting my preserve alpha and protect alpha boxes confused, I shall read up to understand what they do
  2. It sounds so ridiculously easy but I can't see what I am doing wrong, here's my screen, paint and nothing shows on image or on layer mask icon
  3. I think I have my dunces hat on so please be kind. Open a picture Select live filters Gausian Blur, Apply blur to whole picture Select mask, paint brush set to black to hide the effect of the blur on central subject. Start painting nothing happens. I am sure I have done this successfully before.
  4. ThanksTirami, first defence, smadell. Some interesting ideas for me to play with. I have been using blemish removal and inpainting as part of a solution and got some credible results but it does take a long time.
  5. I think I have seen how to do this but I can't work it out. Can anybody point me at a tutorial that shows me how to do it. I have a picture with a main subject and a predominantly black background. Scattered around the main subject often in places difficult to access is lots of pieces of white fluff. I have created a second totally black layer using new fill layer (is that relevant, would a new layer that I had painted black be any different). I think that I should be able to blend these two layers (using darken or lighten) in a way that that the dark layer will override the white fluff and not affect my main subject providing that also doesn't have strong white areas or providing I can mask it effectively. I have tried various options but I am not covering the white bits, any advice or as I say a link to a tutorial would be appreciated.
  6. I have NIK working very well with Affinity but a couple of queries: When I crop in Affinity and then open in NIK I get the pre crop version. Is there anyway either in Affinity or NIK for me to see the post crop version. All my NIK functionality works except Viveza which I believe doesn't work with Affinity. I see Dfine but only the basic noise reduction. I like to use the Strong Noise Dfine function but can't see it from Affinity. Is it like Viveza in that it doesn't work or is ther anything I can do to show it.
  7. just came across this and for info two years on Affinity is still not great as a RAW processor and very poor when it comes to batch RAW processing. Shame because after evaluating it I really like Affinity as an editor but the RAW side stops me purchasing.
  8. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately that really rules it out for me despite being very impressed with the trial. I want to move on from PS Elements because a new camera means a new version purchase in order to satisfy my RAW processing needs. I shoot everything in RAW, process my favourite shots individually but batch process the remainder of my keepers and Affinity clearly isn't going to allow me to do that. I'll look out for the time when the RAW batch processing issues are resolved.
  9. I think I may know the answer to my own issue. I have a Panasonic G9 and according to the camera compatibility lists it is not compatible although I believe it will be in 1.7. I had assumed because it opened my RAW/RW2 files it was compatible but I am now assuming that opening files is not a guarantee of compatibility. I suppose that my only option now is to wait until 1.7 is live before re-testing and hopefully purchasing, does anybody have any clues when that may be.
  10. I've just started trialling Affinity on Windows 10, followed the instructions for installing NIK and it works for all functions.
  11. Hi I'm new here being three days into my 10 days trial. Very impressed so far. I'm managing to resolve most issues but I'd appreciate some advice on this. I've run a batch job to develop a number of RAW files to jpgs with all settings as per default. My output files are much darker/underexposed than the RAW original to an unacceptable level. I then developed the raw files individually with all default settings and they were again underexposed compared to the RAW originals although only slightly and arguably acceptable according to taste. I would have expected my developed jpgs to look similar in both cases and probably very close to the RAW original as displayed by Affinity. Can someone advise on what's going on here. Thanks
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