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  1. I played with this some more. Could not find any “reverse” tool for nodes. I got the shape I was after, and the video shows my steps. What gave the first two nodes the idea that they were curve nodes? The two open triangles came from a square, and I modified no points, except after the first Join procedure gave that wonky curve which went well off screen. Thank you for any clues. shape made had to change point types.mp4
  2. I did exactly what your video shows. Did you do anything else not captured in your clip?
  3. I began with a square, split it into two open shapes, and tried to join them so that the result would look like a squashed hexagon. Instead, the shapes closed into two triangles. So, I see in the video, it’s reporting that the “close” operation just happened, not “join.” Merging the two open triangles and then choosing close didn’t produce a different result. I can think of other ways of getting the shape I need, but I’d like to be able to nail it with these path tools, too. Thank you cant join shapes.mp4
  4. Video shows clearly…I’m trying to change “Style” to “lead-in paragraph.” Publisher isn’t having it.. Am I wrong to try to do this under “Edit?” style name doesn’t change.mp4
  5. Excellent! Thank you. Where is the shortcuts icon for those using a physical keyboard? EDIT: it appears along the bottom when a working with text.
  6. Anyone else experiencing this? iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd Gen, Apple pencil 1st Gen, iPad OS 16.1.1
  7. Interesting Development: The document in which I had the Guides Settings not appearing resides on the iCloud. I saved it to the iPad and tried again. Guide Settings appeared! Could working on a document which lives on the cloud interfere with this and with other V2 Publisher for iPad functions? Thank you
  8. Works in a test document, tho I didn’t try any other studio, then back to guides.
  9. Attached screen recording shows what I’m doing. Any thoughts? No Guides Settings.mp4
  10. Are document rulers considered no longer important by some? I find they provide helpful, at-a-glance information about a document and its elements, even well after I’ve built the document. will there be rulers for those who want them, and maybe an OFF switch for those who don’t? thanks
  11. Continuing the experiment with the same document in the first example above: With 3 images placed in layout, the fourth stock image landed on a page, but not on the page I dragged it to. The 10th placed stock image landed between two pages, such that I could only see its control handles. The 12th placed stock image landed mostly on one page, much further down in the document than I’d placed; only control handles visible. The 13th image landed not or between any page, but well off the pasteboard area. Control handles visible. I get better results if I drag from the Stock images onto the page if I’m zoomed out enough to see all the pages at thumbnail size; better in that the image lands on the page I drag it to, and I can see the image and its control handles. This test document is a simple one - 20 pages - I set up to play around with V2 Publisher for iPad, and contains nothing more than placed images and one rectangle placed on page 1 and given a simple color fill. I gave he master page a grey color to be easier on the eyes. After placing the 13th stock image, I placed one by using the Image tool and navigating to a folder on the iPad where I keep images. I was able to place this image exactly where I wanted to. As Walt mentioned, the results are inconsistent. Hope this provides some clues.
  12. Just did a quick experiment with this. One document: very few images already in the layout, then added some images from Pixabay. The images “landed” basically on the intended page. Added images to another document with a fair number of images already in the layout..none of the images landed on the page I dragged to, but instead, at the end of the document, and not on any page. On half the tries, I couldn’t even see selection handles, and these may be because the image was deposited way below the last page..so far below that the selection handles could be seen only by zooming out on the document. Might it be that, in documents already loaded with images - however they got there - leaves the app with its hands full, so to speak, and unable to accurately place images dragged from the stock image Studio area?
  13. So, if each item in Live Docs is taking up RAM, even those with RAM to burn would be wise to keep the Live items pared to just the few active ones, correct?
  14. The two stock houses load in a wink. Dragging to the page does not deposit the desired image onto the page, but off of a page at the end of the document. As long as the selection handles remain visible, you’re fine. But I’ve also seen them simply vanish and am unable to re-select them by marqueeing around where they’d been. Is this a bug, and if so, is my text description adequate or must I take a video of what I’ve described? Thank you
  15. I Airdropped a Publisher project folder ( appx 1.6GB total ) from M1 Mac Mini to 2nd-Gen iPad Pro 12.9” Opened with iPad Publisher lickety split, no squawks, no issues.. Resource Mgr alerted me to missing assets. I pointed it to the folder where they all resided, found one image, Publisher found the rest. I’m only 20 minutes into using it..sure was worth the wait!
  16. Ok. Thank you. Grabbed the apps and I see the screen where you can either purchase or activate. I’ll do that bit later. thank you for your help and patience.
  17. Went there, balked at the actual downloading because I saw no evidence that my V2 license had been acknowledged by the App Store. thank you
  18. Thank you, Rajeeve; When I scan the QR code, or click the link on my iPad, I’m not taking to the actual app store, where I can download the iPad apps, but am taken instead to the page shown in the screen capture attached. At least I got the Desktop apps…fits and starts..
  19. The QR code and link on the download page for the iPad versions takes one to an App Store Preview page which does not allow actual downloading of the iPad versions of the V2 Suite. Has anyone actually, successfully purchased V2 from Affinity's site, then downloaded the iPad versions without being charged extra, and if so, what does that path actually look like?
  20. I don’t need to “work anything out,” sir I need serif to provide me with a working license key. cheers
  21. It is very unclear to me how this upgrade path works. the License for the Desktop apps was denied, and I'm not wild about trying for iPad in the app store and risking another charge. Is there a solution? Thank you
  22. I used my correct "Affinity ID" email and the exact License reference, and this produced a fail upon trying to enter license to the V2 versions of the Mac versions of these apps. Any clue what a fix is? Are there multiple license keys?
  23. Will serif extend the 40% off offer until the online purchase difficulties are sorted out?
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