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  1. Found it I suppose, 'select sampled color' works fine.
  2. Some time ago I saw a Ytube affinity photo instruction video of a red powder cloud on a snowy mountain. The separation of this res cloud (with drops) from the background was very easy, so easy I didn't save it and can't remember how it was done. Maybe some of you can help me out here??? Thank you.
  3. Thank you, that's a weird philosophy from serif, in a 'we save everything' era. The non destructive is always mentioned as a pro and it is, but as long as you don't overwrite the original it's still there and this is not an argument not to save the Raw editing settings and make it reusable while developing the file.
  4. I'm new to Affinity photo, I now discover when I want to save a file after editing Raw I first need to use develop, then use a save mode., I >>>> cannot <<< save my work in develop or reload the raw file and continue editing, even if a Aphoto file is saved I never can go back to the settings I made in develop it seems. Am I doing something wrong here? Hope not!! If so, there must be a reason and maybe someone can explain me the 'normal' workflow, meaning what do you do if you have to stop editing your raw file, but aren't finished with it?
  5. I would like to rearrange this also, BTW, funny this seems to be a newbie thing.
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