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  1. Hello there, and first let me explain that I am an Affinity Designer 'Noob' so forgive me if my suggestion is naive! (Be gentle with me LOL)... Isometrics seem such a popular design/illustration function and certainly (most sorry to mention the 'opposition') Procreate seems to be motoring ahead with adding additional isometric functionality... So I wonder if an Isometric projection tool set is concievable? I used to have a third party gadget for Adobe Illustrator that did this, a small pallet that automated the traditional '86%/30o/-30o' (etc...) projection, with a button for left, right and top projections. Steve
  2. I am very new to not only Affinity Designer but also the iPad and I must admit that the whole file support experience has been my biggest headache so far! I'm not sure that's Affinity's 'problem' though as the mad method of file support on the iPad is Apple's brainchild, baked in and a bit of a nightmare... Boy, would I love t be able to just plug in an external drive and magically use that instead of the confusing 'cloud' system. At the moment - as I learn AD - this isn't a huge problem, just a major inconvenience, but as I start creating 'proper' projects I think it is gonna start to hurt. So can I echo some of the issues and support some of the ideas of the original poster. (I'm just skeptical that it not really within Affinity's remit/ability to sort some of this out). Steve
  3. Hello there - I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I just can't figure it out... How do you scale an object by percentage - for example, scale height by 50% or width by 200% I notice that there are different size formats under the Transform box such as mm, cm or px or in...But no '%' option! Am I looking in the wrong place? Thank you, Steve
  4. Hi All, First: I am a fairly new Affinity Designer user (so be gentle with me LOL)... One thing I wondered - can (or perhaps will) Affinity Designer for iPad support effect 'Actions' - automation of multiple effects wrapped up in some sort of 'macro'? FOR EXAMPLE: I like to do a lot of isometric drawings - it would be handy for me to be able to apply a 'isometric action' to turn flat 2D objects (or groups of objects) automatically into a isometric orientation at the touch of a button! In this way I could work up sections of my ISO artwork in 2D before turning them into isometrics. Any comments or thoughts? Again, sorry if this seems a naive question. Steve
  5. Hello all, first of all, I am new to Affinity Designer and don't know all the ins and outs yet, so please forgive me if I am asking about something that may be already possible (please feel free to enlighten me if I am showing my ignorance)... SMOOTH TOOL One thing I often want to do is smooth out my vector lines - perhaps I have combined a couple of objects - via 'Add' - and now want to smooth out any hint of a join between them...OR... Maybe my lines aren't quite as flowing as I want them to be, but rather than modifying each individual spline or node it would be nice to have a 'smoothing' tool or brush that can be applied along the line to smooth things out more quickly. YES - I am a former Adobe Illustrator user and this idea is based on that exact same tool available in this programme. But none the less I feel it would be a handy little effect to be able to call upon. Again, if I have missed a similar effect that is in AD somewhere, I apologise. All the best, Steve
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