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  1. What could I do to help? It happens randomly and up to now I haven’t discovered any similarity between the instances
  2. Cool! Thanks, I’ll look into that kind of set up :))
  3. Ofcourse willing to help out. What do you mean with “figuring out the recipe”? Thanks for your input Paul! Can I ask what you mean by that? Store them in the cloud for example ?
  4. So the following has happend to me several times now and it’s beginning to annoy me so I was wondering if someone here had a solution. Sometimes when I rearrange photos inside a project suddenly another project from the “home screen” of Affinity Photo is placed inside the folder I was working in. It creates a Project A inside Project B. The annoying thing is that is seems impossible to get Project A out of the “folder” of Project B. The only option is to move every single photo from Project A out of the project. This places the photos back on the “home screen” of Affinity Photo and then make a new Project and place every single photo back into this new project. Its a lot of work if the project has 100+ photos... See attached files
  5. I have the same problem. If I drag and drop a RAW file (from Canon 70D) from photos app into Affinity Photo it crashes. It works however to drag and drop the same RAW file from the Apple Files app into Affinity Photo...
  6. Same problem here... :(

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