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  1. figety

    Data merge

    Hi Dominik Here is the latest download link... https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/publisher-beta/1/ affinity-publisher-beta-
  2. figety

    Data merge

    There is a new beta to download today and the first thing I think of is Data-Merge... I look for this feature every month when I download a new beta version of Publisher... Please make it happen... and include Data-Merge
  3. figety

    Data merge

    I found myself looking for "data-merge" today and I was told to use InDesign... I didn't know you can do "data-merge" with InDesign... I choose Affinity Publisher to do all my layout designs because it's very intuitive... I never read the manual and I seem to be a Pro : ) At least I think so... I second the inclusion of data-merge feature into Affinity Publisher... This feature will help me tremendously with my work...
  4. I recently downloaded several PSD mockup files from the internet... I was able to open and view the files but not edit the text... I believe it would be easy to edit text by selecting a layer and then using the TEXT tool... but that did not work... also would I like to replace a logo image with one of my own.. Not sure what to do... Does anyone have experience with mockup PDS files ? https://drive.google.com/open?id=13nj4rtHd9z0d22mEl-sIFz0xMelLytwY Here is a screen shot of the file...
  5. I recently printed (20) 12' x 18" posters made using Affinity Publisher... The print quality was excellent except for the fact that all the images in the poster were dark and appeared slightly saturated... I used PDF format when I sent the file to the printers... and I used PDF ( for Print ) in the settings... Is there anything I'm missing... This is the first time I'm using the program and trying to correct the problems so I can use it professionally... The PDF file looks great on the computer screen, but the images in the document print dark on a Xerox Versant V80 printer... Am I the only one having this problem ?
  6. Thanks... You helped me big time today... Happy New Year!
  7. Does this mean the beta period is going to last 10 days ? I heard some members say their beta versiion suppose to last till Affinity Publisher is available to purchase... Hope this is true for everyone... I like using this program because it's very intuitive... I can focus on the design and not the program...
  8. I unstalled the old program because it stopped working... The latest version is working now!!!!! You need administrative rights to install...
  9. I used your suggestion and right clicked on the setup program and ran the program as administrator... It's currently installing.
  10. I just checked for .Net Framework and I don't have it installed... The previous beta version of Publisher worked fine... I never had .Net Framework..
  11. I'm the only one on the computer... How do I log in as administrator ? So far Affinity Publisher and Photo are the only programs I could not install... and I had this laptop for 3 years...
  12. I tried Affinty Publisher beta for several weeks and then I received a message to download the latest beta version... The Affinity Publisher program I used stopped working and the latest version of the application will not install on my computer... The original beta version worked great with no problems installing... The newest version does not install at all... I was testing the Affinity Publisher creating some nice designs that I want to have printed... Problem is I cannot export the designs to PDF because the program stopped working and I cannot install the latest version. I was not able to install Affinity Photo beta either... I am able to install other applications... My operating system is Windows 8, installed on a Asus laptop, 4 GB RAM I hope someone comes up with a solution... Affinity Publisher Beta ( not installing for me ) SCREENSHOT- 0582.tif
  13. I would like to know if it's necessary to convert RGB color images to CMYK in Affinity Publisher before exporting to PDF file... I would like to send PDF files to a digital print shop... Do I need to convert all images used in the publication to CMYK or does Affinity Publisher do the conversion automatically ? or is it done by the RIP application...

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