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  1. Hi, in version it is fixed! Thank you a lot!
  2. Hi, I sent you a PM with an example PDF. Thanks
  3. When I placed a PDF (which has been created in Excel and then printed as a PDF) in the document, some of the "cells" of my PDF were not recognized correctly. When the text in nearby cells is a bit more close to the text of the next cell, Affinity Publisher just merges them together to one selection. Is there any possibility to get these merged cells separated correctly? Thank you a lot.
  4. The following might be a bug: We use linked PDF files with more than one pages. By clicking on the PDF we have the possibility to choose which page we want to be visible in our document (“Spread”). We have e.g. a 4 pages AffinityPublisher document and a linked PDF with 4 pages. On each Affinity page we want another page of the PDF to be visible. The problem here is, when we update a modified PDF in the resource manager, the program doesn’t save our chosen spread. Instead it just sets all of the 4 links to “Spread: Page 1”. Thank you for your efforts.
  5. We are using linked PDF files in our document. When we replace the PDF files (we update the content), we need the program to recognize this. In the “Resource Manager” we can see that the new PDF is recognized (it’s now labeled as “Modified”). Now, what we need to do is to click “update” in the resource manager, so that the NEW PDF is updated. In the program we used before, when we opened a document and the linked PDF has changed, there was immediately appearing a Pop-Up-Window asking, if we want the modified linked PDF to be updated or if we want to leave it like it is. Such a Pop-Up-Window would be really helpful.