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  1. I totally disagree with that assessment, maybe you have tried some shotty ones but the one I use is great. It has pressure sensitivity on the apps I listed and works just as good as the pencil I have tried both.
  2. When I have a lot of nodes in a small space, I am finding it very hard to move a specific node. A lot of times i go to drag a node and it catches the smooth tool right next to it instead. It would be nice if I could use the select tool to select the node or nodes I need to move and then (with move selected) drag from anywhere on the canvas to move the nodes in what ever direction I am swiping. I figured this would already be an option since very often there are multiple nodes in a small space and you cant zoom in too far to separate them because while zoomed, you cant move the node very far but I cant seem to find a way. When I try to drag from anywhere, it ends up selecting a different object instead (I have to drag from directly on the node which means I have to be zoomed in too far to move it where I need).
  3. i would also like to see a symmetry option so it happens automatically! thanks!
  4. also I would like to add that a bunch of other art apps support pressure sensitivity with the Adonit Pixel: Photoshop Sketch, Procreate, Concepts, Illustrator Draw, Artstudio Pro, Vectornator Pro, Autodesk Sketchbook, Amaziograph, Medibang Paint, Zen Brush 2, Astro Pad, Tayasui Sketches, Comic Draw, Jump Paint, Artrage, Interactive Sketchbook, Animation Desk, MusicJot, Ink, Sketch Club, even a bunch of note taking apps support pressure sensitivity.
  5. Here is a copy of the review I wrote for the iPad version as I just dont wanna have to type it all up again. Currently on 5th Gen iPad (non pro) with Adonit Pixel Stylus (unsupported by app) I use the app a lot and it is comparable to adobe illustrator for ipad. I do have a few gripes with it though. If you do not have an iPad Pro then you are pretty screwed. It does not support any 3rd party stylus pressure sensitivity and since a normal iPad only supports 3rd party stylus, you might as well be using your finger. I own an Adonit Pixel which is top of the line but yah not supported by Affinity Designer. Also the App was crashing all the time for me and freezing up and it took me a while to figure out that it was because I was trying to work on a large file size. I would image it might be more stable on the pro but I don’t know. So if you need to print in high resolution for posters or what ever, you need to work in low res and then export it as a high resolution (just took me a while and a lot of frustration to figure out what was causing all the freeze ups). I like that they give you freedom on document size but they should make it clear that high file size might cause instability, I wanted to throw my iPad through a wall a few times and if they just made that clear it would have saved me a lot of frustration. So to sum it up, probably fantastic if you own an iPad Pro but leaves a lot to be desired on a normal current gen iPad sadly. Also looks like they only update it like once every 2 months it seems not sure why they are not giving the iPad version much love. I would much rather have a good version on my iPad than on a macbook or what ever. 3/5 stars - I would give this 5 stars if they added 3rd party stylus support/pressure sensitivity and I dinged an extra star for all the frustrations I went through figuring out what was causing the freezing/crashes.
  6. ok, i can understand that you are trying to get actionable bugs out of this and i am just stating that the build is extremely unstable just in general. so hopefully you guys are finding all these stability issues on your own. as i dont have the time to hunt down each one and get th exact repro steps. i just know half the things i do result in a crash.
  7. already lost enough time with crashes, i dont have time to test everything for you too. no wonder nothing is getting fixed, you are looking for any excuse to pass this off
  8. Repro Steps: 1. turn on Affinity Designer on iPad 2. do anything in Affinity Designer on iPad Results: hardlock or crash Repro Rate: 90%
  9. hi @GabrielM honesly, I would not know where to start. there are so many actions that are causing hardlocks and crashes. it would take me all day to cover them. i will say some of the most unstable areas and features are actions on pixel layers, actions involving merging layers or switching between types of layers, rasterizing, flood fill tool actions, etc. and thats just the start of the list. i have had the application less than 24 hours now and i have hardlocked in various actions and tasks and had to restart at least 10-15 times now. my frustrations are compounded by the fact that i just really really wanted this application to work properly and i dont have time to deal with crashes, hardlocks and stability issues. i would be very suprised if your team is not running into these issues on your end on a daily basis.
  10. I really really wanted to like this application and use it for all my design needs but as it stands I can not recommend buying this application at all. It crashes and hardlocks ALL the time, extremely unstable. This is extremely frustrating and every time I want to do something simple such as merging layers or making a new selection, I find myself crossing my fingers that it will work without hardlocking or crashing. Do not buy this especially if you do not have an ipad pro + apple pencil as there is no 3rd party support for a stylus such as the Adonit Pixel. This really sucks because I have the latest generation of ipad, its just not the pro version so I have a 3rd party stylus and a very good one I might add (the Adonit Pixel) but this application treats it like i’m just using m finger which is garbage. Seriously, I rarely ever leave bad reviews but i’m very frustrated with this broken application and no stylus support for those of us that cant get the ipad pro yet is just insulting. Fix the crashes and instability and add stylus support and i’ll leave a better review but as of now I cant recommend this at all.
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