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  1. I have now solved the landmark clue. I had thought earlier that I had got the last word correct, and I was right, but alas I went off on a different train of thought! 😁 William
  2. Here is a suggestion for an additional puzzle. Edible Berry 6 letters fifth letter is a T William
  3. It might well be simpler, but will it supply the information needed to answer the problem? The Viking Virtual Print House previewer will show the bleed area, if any, of the PDF document, and, if there is a bleed area, what is in it. If the PDF document looks good in the Viking Virtual Print House previewer, then the PDF document is what is needed. If the PDF document does not look good in the Viking Virtual Print House previewer, then it is not an issue with the local printer. William
  4. You could try, if you so choose, registering at Viking Virtual Print House and then uploading a PDF document and their system will show you an onscreen preview of what they will print if you place an order. https://viking-virtualprinthouse.co.uk/ This might enable to you to decide where the issue is occurring. I know this might sound like advertising for them but it is not. I have had excellent prints from them, some on display here, but my only connection to them is as a fee-paying customer. William
  5. Yes! 😁 It is like the ship question. Once I know the answer the clues then solve the puzzle! William
  6. That is similar to how I am with quiz questions. I can usually get the few science ones that arise but not anything about recent cinema releases. I had not heard of the name of the film character in this quiz. I think it would be fun if we could each send John a question by a private message, with the answer, and John if he so chooses produce a quiz sheet with the questions on and post that. That could be an interesting puzzle to solve. Nothing too obscure, but not the soap opera, etc knowledge stuff either. William
  7. Indeed But even having had a go on the internet at trying to find that landmark I still have not found the answer. I found a list of sixty famous London landmarks but alas not one that fitted the puzzle. I suppose that like the ship if and when I find the answer I will be amazed that I did not realize the by then "obvious" answer. Hey ho. 😁 William
  8. Now that amazes me. There is a sculpture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_of_Columbus More about the sculpture is in the following page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant_Antoni_de_Portmany William
  9. I have now found the name of the ship. I put Famous old ship into BIng and it gave a list. Of course ... well I say of course now, but that is a Columbus egg type thing as I was simply stuck. I understand the clues now. On to try to discover the landmark ... William
  10. Those are the clues at which I looked. The only answer that is a near fit at that time period, yet I don't know if it is a ship, is a well-known word from the middle of that century. But that word has eight letters and there are nine rectangles. So I have not solved the first three puzzles nor the final two puzzles. I think that I have the final word of the Famous London Landmark but maybe I have got the wrong word and that is putting me onto a wrong train of thought. All of which may well mean that the quiz here presented is right for the event because the event is a flop if everybody answers all of the questions straight off within one minute. The entertainment is that people chat and try to solve it together. William
  11. I have now got five, so half way through. I cannot think of any 17th Century ships. The 17th Century is 1601 to 1700 I have seen the clues. I have found the following, though the ship in the quiz might not be a warship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_early_warships_of_the_English_navy William
  12. As they come up each time out of the tunnel in the middle of Paris. William
  13. @pioneer In your artwork it has TEAM NAME I have just realized that that may well mean the name of a quiz team at the Indoor Bowls Club Event. I had thought it was to do with the Sport question. Do you think that TEAM NAME should perhaps become QUIZ TEAM NAME or NAME OF QUIZ TEAM ? William
  14. Ooh I have now got the film character and the song! So four in total so far, those two the country and the saying. This is amazing for me as I usually look at puzzles of this sort of kind and cannot solve them, William
  15. Yes I suppose there is John, Jane, Jean, Joan, José, Jack, Jill, and possibly others too. William
  16. What sort of knwledge of various things does one need to solve these? For example, I used to see episodes of Mastermind where one of the questions for General Knowledge would be about the BBC Soap Opera Eastenders. So easy perhaps for people who watch it regularly and a blank wall for those who never watch it. For example, the cocktail, and is the film character from a film only seeable at the cinema, and so on. A film character could be from about 1910 onwards. I wonder if John might consider doing a version with more letters filled in, and/or enhanced clues, so that when the quiz is being run people who are really stuck can have that version. Or would that not work at the event? I realized that the name of a small bird would fit the surname of the film character, and there seemed to me to be two possible first names. I searched on the web and I found a book that reminded me of an image often shown on television in the Tour de France. William
  17. Ooh, I solved that one! I thought at first that it might be Butter me no parsnips. 😁 William
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-stffgO61Q&t=315s William
  19. So it is not Stonehenge then. I have not solved any of them yet! William
  20. Maybe there was a patch to Affinity Designer later or something, but when we had the thread with the introduction of (the SVG graphic file workaround then displayed using Microsoft Edge), the display in Affinity Designer version 1 was monochrome. The workaround works because each monochrome glyph and the corresponding colourful version have the same Unicode code number. The two glyphs do not need of necessity to be such that one is a colourful version of the other. For example, these that I designed that convey the same meaning whether monochrome or colourful, but the designs are different. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/144236-some-language-independent-glyphs-for-museum-shops/&do=findComment&comment=800985 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/144236-some-language-independent-glyphs-for-museum-shops/&do=findComment&comment=801007 William
  21. My experience with Affinity Designer version 1, from some years ago, was that a CPAL/COLR colour font would display correctly but only in monochrome, not in colour. Is that the same in Version 2, or is it otherwise? William
  22. This getting confusing to me! Does Affinity Designer version 2 support colour fonts, yes, no, partially, depends on what type of colour font, something else, what? William
  23. I suggested colour fonts in around 2002 in the Unicode mailing list. It was not until about a decade later after emoji had become encoded in Unicode that colour fonts became implemented. The encoding of emoji has had an interesting effect, as predicted by Doug Ewell. At that time support in applications for plane 1 Unicode characters was sparse. Plane 1 had been used for rarer scripts. Emoji were encoded into plane 1. The prediction was that encoding emoji would lead to better support for the rarer scripts as they too are encoded in Plane 1. A similar thing happened with producing colour fonts for the colourful display of emoji, as colour font technology has been implemented for all Unicode characters, not just for emoji. William
  24. Thank you. So it seems that Microsoft Edge still supports colour fonts that have a CPAL/COLR internal structure. I am surprised, yet delighted, that the PDF document displays in colour. So it seems that results may depend on which colour font format has been used to make the font. CPAL/COLR was, I think, the first font format for colour fonts yet might now be regarded as semi-obsolete. The version of FontCreator here is version 8, which is from over a decade ago, and only has CPAL/COLR font capacity, but thus far, that has been sufficient for my needs. I have not tried the experiment since this thread started, Affinity Designer is on a different computer. When you write > Well, the answer is that those glyphs retain their colours in AD2 (... are you meaning that Affinity Designer 2 supports colour fonts directly or something else please? William
  25. I am still not clear whether OT-SVG support is referring to fonts where the internal glyphs are made using SVG technology or rendering of any SVG file or both. Also in this thread something to do with version 2 of Affinity Designer that is different from version 1. Could you possibly try making an Affinity Designer design that includes one or more of the glyphs from my Mariposa font please, you will need ligatures on and codes such as %11 %791 % 795 %799 to display the glyphs in Affinity Designer and then export an SVG file with no conversion to curves of the font glyphs then try displaying the SVG file in whatever browsers that you have available please and report what you observe please? William
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