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  1. I know that sometimes when I log onto a Windows 10 computer I get shown a picture and I am asked to choose whether I like it or not. The next picture shown might perhaps take that opinion and maybe my choice of the two options for earlier pictures into account. If that were extended to several questions each with a scale of 0 to 10, and a picture shown each day, how long would it be before the system could present me with pictures that it deems that I would like? Yet wait! What if the answers I give seem inconsistent, yet in fact vary wit my feelings at the time as human feelings can vary in time based on factors the system does not know about. So how can it choose, or generate, a picture to match my choices? William
  2. Oh I didn't realize from where the name came, yet not an exact copy, but then there is the cy-près issue ("so close"). Lemon juice anyone? 😀 (This being an oblique reference to what is popularly known as The Jif Lemon Case) William
  3. I notice that you put your name as Marc. I think that would go down well. Art by Marc. How do feel about using your full name on your art, not necessarily in this forum but on your prints? ---- What exactly are you meaning by "cheap junk" please? For example, how would you feel about getting some A3 size digital laser prints on 350 gsm paper as "Loose" items from this site. https://viking-virtualprinthouse.co.uk/ I have got some prints, maybe two, maybe five, of some of my own artwork, just for my own art collection. I realize that there is a vast difference between me getting a print of my own artwork for my own hobbyist-artist level enjoyment and a professinal artist buying a print then selling it at a price that includes money to provide the artist with an income. ---- What I would be intrested to know is your view on the following please. Given that you could get prints of high quality made from your artwork, how do feel as whether to produce work in limited editions or in unlimited editions? How do you feel about signing prints, about numbering them, or what? When a print is a print handmade by an artist using, say, a woodcut that he or she has produced, the very physical process of printing takes a lot of time and the block can wear, so a limited edition can be a result of thoise factors, but where the reproduction is from a digital file by machinery then whether to limit the number of copies available for purchase is on a different basis. So, for example, if high quality with provenance prints of your art become much sought after, would you prefer the potentially higher value of a limited edition, or would you prefer the lower value yet more widely available unlimited edition, or some combination of the two in some way? William
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. Possibly. I had deliberately avoided having a parameter in a sentence. This avoidance was because I got the idea it could introduce complications in automated localization. Yet if the parameter is just a number or a non-localizable text string, possibly. I don't know if it ever came up in our discussions, but does Comet Circumflex mean anything to you? http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/c_c00000.htm Yet my format for the sentence.dat file for the present localizable sentences system is very simple. If a parameter is used it might need to be listed as a parameter before the sentence, so pushed onto a stack, so that the sentence localization process can pop it off the stack and apply it. Thus adding complication due a deliberately simple automated localization format. William
  5. Have you considered approaching businesses that produce cards of various types? https://www.art-angels.co.uk/ https://www.greenpebble.co.uk/ https://www.papier.com/ William
  6. Thinking about this further, if the train has a code number, in a similar way that aeroplane flights have a flight number, then this could be used after the Please consider a train. sentence. I have also thought of two sentences to add to the set. So now a list of eight sentences. ---- Please consider a train. The destination of the train is as follows. The scheduled departure time is as follows. The train is running on time. There is no information about the train. The new departure time is as follows. The train is cancelled. The train will leave from the following platform. ---- William
  7. You might perhaps like the links in the following thread. Futurism in the 1920s https://punster.me/serif/viewtopic.php?id=337 William
  8. As a header sentence, including so that in a sequence of sentences one can list more than one train. For examples Please consider a train. The destination of the train is as follows. Salisbury The scheduled departure time is as follows. 1215 The new departure time is as follows. 1832 The train will leave from the following platform. 5 Please consider a train. The destination of the train is as follows. Edinburgh The scheduled departure time is as follows. 1314 The new departure time is as follows. 1707 The train will leave from the following platform. 7 Please consider a train. The destination of the train is as follows. Brussels The scheduled departure time is as follows. 2016 The train is cancelled. William
  9. I have this morning thought of a practical application for localizable sentences technology. I was watching Sky News. https://news.sky.com/watch-live Just after 8 am there was live reporting from some railway stations. Due to strikes and the weather there is travel disruption. One reporter said about people having problems finding out what is happening, particularly if they are visiting from abroad and don't know English. So I am thinking that if there were some standardized localizable sentences, such as the following, each with a symbol ans a code number, that could be helpful. ---- Please consider a train. The destination of the train is as follows. The scheduled departure time is as follows. The new departure time is as follows. The train is cancelled. The train will leave from the following platform. ---- Even those six localizable sentences could be very helpful to someone who does not know the language of the country where they are travelling. Even a credit card sized card showing the symbols and the meaning of each localized into the traveller's own language could be helpful. William
  10. So, eleven views of the PDF document thus far, of which two are from me, so a net total of nine views from people other than me. Thank you for viewing. William
  11. Thank you Alfred. Yes, that would explain why most people open the thread then do not open the PDF document, especially before I mentioned that the PDF document included artwork produced using the Pen Tool and the Node Tool. Yet a few people have opened the PDF document. Maybe some of them have understood the poem in English. Perhaps some have delighted in localizing the poem into another language, maybe French, maybe Polish, maybe German, maybe other languages. Perhaps some have regarded the way each symbol tunnels through the language barrier as ... choose an adjective . If anyone is interested, there are documents about the research. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/localizable_sentences_research.htm And two novels, one complete, one a work in progress, that feature the invention and the research. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/novel_plus.htm http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/locse_novel2.htm All free to read, no registration required. The symbols are not emoji, as each of these symbols has been assigned a precise meaning, whereas the culture of emoji has developed such that many emoji can each express a variety of meanings. Yet, like emoji, each symbol is not linked to any specific language. So will the invention ever thrive in application or will it be like a piece of pure mathematics that never got applied, a structure beautiful within its own bubble, yet just inside that bubble. William
  12. I wrote the poem, and illustrated it, yesterday, influenced by the view from a window of my home. William
  13. Well, yes, but the number of views of the A4 PDF document has increased to five. Maybe someone will print it, frame it, mount it on a wall, then post a photograph. I am hoping to get a print but I have no printer here, but there is an online virtual print house that I can use. I set the artwork up as A4 plus 3mm bleed areas, so to get a print from the online virtual print house it will be best to export an A4 PDF document with bleed areas as the colours go to the edges. The PDF document available in the first post of this thread is without bleed areas. Does anyone know what is the effect of trying to print an A4 PDF document that has 3 mm bleed areas on a typical home or office basic printer please? For example, does it get scaled down so that the A4 plus bleed area sizes is scaled down to A4 width or A4 height, or does the computer interface to the printer detect the bleed area and simply disregard it, or what please? Although I do not have a printer it would be good to know because I tend to produce versions with and without bleed areas if there is other than white at the edges. So I am wondering if that is necessary or whether I could just produce a version with a bleed area. William
  14. How strange. Forty-five views of the thread, including about three from me. Yet only two looks at the PDF document that I uploaded, one of them being me when I tested it was working fine. So with one exception, thank you to you whoever you are, people looking at the thread have not then looked at the PDF document. I wonder why, given that they had chosen to look at the thread that they did not then look at the PDF document. Perhaps it would have helped if I had mentioned that the poem is illustrated with images that I produced using the Pen Tool and the Node Tool. William
  15. Please find the poem in the attached PDF (Portable Document Format) document. winter_poem.pdf This may help in understanding the poem in English. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/localizable_sentences_the_novel_chapter_037.pdf William
  16. I opine that you have got him evilly looming in the clouds very well done. I was referring to the text on the back. If you had described him as evil or wicked then that would be his character. I just feel that use of dark seems, well, unfortunate. William
  17. I like to produce art. At present I am a hobbyist level artist, and that will quite possibly not change. At present i get hardcopy printings by uploading a PDF document to the website of Viking Virtual Print House, pay a fee, and they print from the PDF document and I receive the printings delivered by Royal Mail. I have enquired and i have been informed that they use laser digital printing. Can someone explain please what sort of printing technology would be used for top quality art prints of the type that get sold in limited editions for quite large amounts of money? (I recognize that some of the cost is to reward the artist for the content and only part is because of the cost of the physical printing process.) Also, as regards exporting from Affinity Designer. If I want to produce PDF documents, maybe one for each artwork, or two, or more, for each artwork depending upon the answer to this question, what type or types of PDF document do I need to produce such that I can send a PDF document to Viking Virtual Print House to get a printing, yet be ready, should the opportunity arise, of a top quality printing process art print being produced? William
  18. If Serif were to pay people to use their software, would the heat glow from their web server be detectable from space? William (There you are @Alfred I have set things up for a one word humourous answer! )
  19. Perhaps you could use Affinity products to produce a book of your talks and post it in the Share your work forum. William
  20. What is a flâneur? I found it meaning "a man who saunters around observing society". Perhaps like the man in Bernard Shaw's play pygmalion who goes round listening to people's speech and recording their accents. Or maybe like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx1SWS1MFbU William
  21. Yes, thank you. I decided to start a new thread, try to add the file, then, if the upload went wrong again, to post the thread anyway, then try to add the picture by editing. However, upon trying to upload the file, the file not having been altered at all, it uploaded straight away. Here is link to the thread. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/175067-faux-lino-cut William
  22. I have just tried, several times, to upload a png file, produced from Affinity Designer, to a new Share your work file. But I get server error 200. I have since opened the png file in Microsoft Paint and it looks fine. So is it my file, or the server. The file has the name faux_lino_001.png Can anyone advise on this please? William
  23. Esperanto has not failed as a world language, because it was not supposed to become a world language. Esperanto was intended to be an auxiliary language, as a second language for everyone, to assist communication. I regard Esperanto as a very beautiful language. There is a free course on the web. https://www.duolingo.com/enroll/eo/en/Learn-Esperanto Registration is necessary after the first lesson, there is a profile, public by default, but one can switch it to private. I am extending my knowledge of Esperanto. I am also trying to learn Welsh. https://www.duolingo.com/enroll/cy/en/Learn-Welsh > What's the point of a sign language now? Well, there are emoji. Some people have claimed emoji are a language. I am trying to add features that improve the ability to communicate. I suppose it depends upon how one looks at it. I am not a professional designer, I am not trying to make money from these designs. Some people are very good at drawing using Affinity Designer. There are a number of threads in the Share your work forum with painting type art of various kinds. I cannot do pictures like those. However I am able to produce designs where I can transfer my thought designs to a canvas using mathematical methods, working out the sizes of shapes and where to place shapes, using the Transform panel to accurately set up position and size by entering numbers from the keyboard. I find it fascinating to look at how Esperanto expresses sentences, at how Welsh expresses sentences, at how French expresses sentences, and how a sentence can be expressed using emoji together with symbols such as those that I am designing. Hopefully what I am publishing will be of interest to some people. Perhaps it is like one reads articles about recreational mathematics. By doing such things, I think about how to do these things. William William
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