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  1. Actually, when I saw the picture I thought of it as a picture of a white-crested tiger heron. The reason being that some years ago I made an experimental font to test an idea that was current at the time and the output was to be a picture of a white-crested tiger heron. As what I was doing was to test the way the access to the picture was coded, I just used a picture much like yours to represent the white-crested tiger heron so that if the image was displayed then I would know that the test had worked. FontCreator 8 used in futuristic experiment - Font Forum (high-logic.com) I had not noticed any red line and cannot find it now actually, I tend to use my computer with Night Light on permanently except when I am checking colours, and not very bright at all. William
  2. This might help explain. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/localizable_sentences_the_novel_chapter_029.pdf http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/localizable_sentences_the_novel_chapter_030.pdf Both of those two PDF documents, and indeed all of the PDF documents of the novel, were produced using Serif PagePlus software. The chapter of the sequel novel where !81812345679 is introduced is still unpublished I think, but I need to check. William
  3. No, !81812345679 is correct, as otherwise there would be three 8 characters and the idea is that it should be able to be signalled with two sets of plastic digits if plastic digits are being used. William
  4. The original picture, and the disc version of it, are intended to be an impression of the English haiku (based on the Japanese original but not the same) of a pond, water lilies and a frog jumps into the water SPLASH! I remember the haiku from when first introduced to haiku at a Creative Writing class. I have just found this video. Not the same haiku as the one I remember had Splash as the final word. William
  5. Oops, that should have been Ah, a derivative work! William
  6. How many video adverts does Affinity have please? Is it just the one? I watch YouTube and from time to time an advert for Affinity comes on, always Hey Hey and fast moving images. Oh for a gentle Affinity advert with someone gently painting a watercolour picture, not speeded up, not fast moving, and some gentle harpsichord music. Is this the right thread for this question? William _________ MOD EDIT - Split from here.
  7. I am not trying to find workarounds or loopholes to your rules, that is not my style. I thought that I was complying with the rules. I am simply saying that it is in my opinion unfair to criticise me for supposedly breaking rules which were unclear or non-existent at the time that I posted. I thought that the link that I posted this morning would be of interest to some of the people who read this thread entitled AI discussion. Perhaps it already has been of interest to some readers, and, unless removed by the management, might be in the future. However, I note what you have written and will abide by your ruling, notwithstanding that it restricts what people may learn and might then apply in relation to Affinity products in some way. We clearly have different approaches to how people learn and gain experience and apply experience, but it is your forum, so your way is how it will be. William
  8. Yes, but that post was added after my post was removed so as to make the rules clear. At the time that I had posted the stated rules were different. I thanked Patrick for that post. William
  9. Well, when I posted the post that got removed or hidden by Patrick Connor it had not occurred to me that posting into Share your work a PDF document and I think an explanation of my workflow in starting with a 1024 pixel by 1024 pixel image produced using Bing Chat AI and scaling it and aligning it to produce an A3 size PDF document ready to get a colour print from an online virtual print house facility would be regarded as unacceptable. I thought that the post might well be of interest and could be helpful to people new to using Affinity Designer. I still think that actually, but it is your forum so there we are, your rules, but the rules were not stated clearly at the time and it all seemed to be on an "understood" basis. People are allowed to start with a photograph from another website taken by someone else, but not start with an image generated using Bing chat ai, which seems to me a curious anomaly, but it is your forum, your rules. William
  10. That is interesting because it seems to be the direct opposite of the official position taken in the Share your work forum for images unsuitable for posting in the Share your work forum where adding a link to an external website is authorized. William
  11. No. Making art from stuff recycled from the grocery shopping. Art materials at no extra cost. William
  12. As it happens the physical original of the first image fell on the floor this morning. But I can reconstruct it in its tray using the electronic version as a guide. William
  13. No it is not. That is a retrospective ruling made after I posted today. I was trying to abide by your ruling. And they were unfair because the rule that I was purported to have broken had not been stated at the time when I posted. I had no idea that I was not allowed to draw the attention of Ash and Patrick Connor to my post. Patrick Connor started this thread and gave it the title AI discussion. Management must manage, I consider it unfair that rules are made up and applied retrospectively. William
  14. Yesterday I tried experimenting with Bing Chat AI when prompted with poems that are written using localizable sentences. In case some readers might be interested, here is a link. Bing Chat AI and a poem written using localizable sentences (Page 1) — Art & Literature — Alfred's Serif Users' Forums (punster.me) William
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