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  1. I found this rather splendid article. https://welshotter.co.uk/blogs/news/the-welsh-language-and-colours So I can add tywyll dywyll dark So i need to design another glyph, or maybe two new glyphs, encoding the following. The colour is dark. The colour is light. William
  2. I have found this rather nice video. It is gently paced and is in both Welsh and English. 2 minutes 56 seconds. 492 views as of the time of this post. William
  3. I have had a look at the BBC web page and thought about for how many of the soft mutations I could find a colour demonstrates the soft mutation. Thus far I have coch goch red porffor borffor purple t d ? gwyn wyn white brown frown brown du ddu black rh r ? I am unsure whether soft mutation occurs after yn, possibly not melyn felyn yellow llwyd ? grey I am unsure whether soft mutation occurs after yn, possibly not So two colours to try to find William
  4. Why do you consider my post off-topic please? To me it seems to be a matter arising from my original post, albeit by a somewhat something route. As it happens, I had got to thinking about it and wondering if I can try to write another poem such that the poem when ;localized into Welsh has one example of each soft mutation. Can it be done with specific colours or would other adjectives be needed? Would new symbols be needed? The resulting poem using localizable sentence symbols could be published in an artwork generated using Affinity Designer. Sort of like light being focused from a wider lens so as to give a better image. I opine that too strict an on-topic/off-topic circumscribing can lose sparkling opportunities. Can you clarify please? Soft mutation is part of learning Welsh. I am not a linguist so "a voiced/voiceless distinction" means nothing to me at present. William
  5. Here is a link that has some information about the various mutations in Welsh. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zsv8wmn/revision/1 In learning some Welsh I find it interesting that I have learned something about soft mutation in relation to the localizing of this poem from the symbols into Welsh. Indeed it is somewhat serendipitous that that the localization of that poem shows that both b and m mutate to f. Please note how brown mutates to frown and melyn mutates to felyn. William
  6. Thank you. In fact the downloads from my account are all version 1.10.6, so the system has automatically supplied me with the latest versions. I don't think I had update to those versions on the now broken Lenovo computer. Ah, I need to update the footer on my posts regarding the computer I am using. I have now installed all three of the version 1 Affinity programs. There seems to be a bit of a problem. For example, if I use File New in Publisher, the panel seems to be clipped at the bottom of the page so that the Create button does not show. This new computer, a 14 inch HP laptop, arrived with Windows 11S, but I S-unlocked it so as to install Serif Affinity software and High-Logic FontCreator, Scanahand and ViewHex. The Windows 11 footer bar stays on screen while the Affinity programs are running. I do not remember whether that happened with Windows 10. Do you have any ideas on what is causing the clipping please? William
  7. If one downloads version 1 Affinity programs from the Serif website to install on a new computer, does one get the release version for which one bought a licence or does one get the latest release version that was produced please? For the avoidance of doubt, I mean the various release versions of version 1, I am not suggesting that I get the recently released version 2 for free. William
  8. Quite by chance I saw on a web page of a newspaper an advertisement for a prize draw where the prize is a house. The advertisement shows a picture. There is a picture on the wall. The picture reminded me of the style of Sophie Taeuber-Arp. I went to the website of the prize draw and found this image within a collection of images. I wonder what are those pictures, and by which artist. William
  9. Are you perhaps thinking of being able to use sets of monochrome fonts that can be used in multiple layers, each layer monochrome in one colour, with the net effect looking as if a colour font has been used? Such as my Galileo Lettering fonts of many years ago? http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/mosaic3.PDF http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ngo/fonts.htm The basic Galileo Lettering lowercase are based on a design for capital letters that I drew on a graph plotter attached to an Elliott 803 computer in 1969. In the early 2000s when I learned to make electronic fonts I tried to produce the same design in a TrueType font, and I succeeded. William
  10. Thank you. There is no colour font support in version 1. We did have a go with a partial workaround that I found to be useful to test colour fonts and basically to play a bit, but that was all. The workaround being that, as a colour font will also display in monochrome, it is possible to produce a design in Affinity Designer and include use of a colour font in the design. The text displays as monochrome in Affinity Designer version 1, because Affinity Designer version 1 does not support colour fonts. The design is then exported from Affinity Designer as an SVG graphic without converting the text to curves. This means that the text is exported as character codes within the SVG file. Microsoft Edge supports colour fonts. Displaying the SVG file in Microsoft Edge means that the text that is in the design is displayed using the colour font display facility of Microsoft Edge. It is far from being a total workaround but I have found it useful for some purposes as I could then gather a Print Screen image and use that image to produce a png graphic file to include in a web page. I hope that Affinity software will soon support colour fonts. William
  11. Thank you. I know I got it direct from Serif. I just do not remember the modalities of how I got it from Serif. William
  12. I don't remember exactly what I did for my initial purchase. I think I first started with the beta test for Affinity Publisher. I then bought the Affinity Publisher licence at the reduced price that beta testers were offered. I had a free trial of Affinity Designer but I did not get round to using it, so it had gone. Later i bought an Affinity Designer licence at half price when it was on offer. I reasoned that I had previously got the free trial and not used it so buy the software and even if I did not use it straightaway it would be there for me when I wanted to use it. I also bought a licence at half price for Affinity Photo at the same time. After some months I started using Affinity Designer a lot once i found that I could get hardcopy prints of my artwork as one-off greetings cards from papier.com and frame them with frames from the supermarket. That is, cards marketed as photo greetings cards and frames marketed as photograph frames. Later I found that I could get A3 size prints of my artwork from Viking Virtual Print House. William
  13. Thank you. I found finding how to get to the account from the forum non-obvious. I found I needed to click on the word Affinity that is in white on the black bar at the top of the web page, then that goes to another web page and one needs to click on the symbol, located in the upper right corner, that has three horizontal white lines. Then at the lower left of the new page is My Account and one needs to click on that and then a log on page becomes displayed. William
  14. Possibly. I simply asked a question. I remember that years ago on a forum about a particular brand of fontmaking software, where I sometimes provided advice, someone, not staff, posted a thread about seeking advice. A long time later I realized it had been a copy and paste from some other site, but I did not know that at the time. The post referred to 'we" as in something like ~> Before posting a question we expect you to ... and then there was this list of things that purportedly we required doing, looking through lists of things and so on. I posted a reply to the thread along the following lines. Please know that in the above post that the "we" does not include me. If I am online, have time to spare and know the answer I will try to provide a helpful reply without any precondition whatsoever being placed upon the person asking the question. After some et cetera et cetera behind the scenes the moderator deleted the whole thread. I opine that it would be most unfortunate if a culture of conditions needing to be satisfied before asking a question were to become established in this forum. I had a situation where a student who was stuck said he did not like to ask a question as he thought it might be thought to be a silly question. So i made two big lineprinter printed banners in the way people did years ago, there was a program that did it when one inserted text into it, and blutacked the banners on the wall of the computing laboratory. If you need to know the answer ... ... then it's not a silly question! There was a significant increase in the number of students asking questions and that helped them in their education. William
  15. Ah, I think that I have found out how to do it, but is rather obscure to get there in my opinion, various logos and symbols needed trying. William
  16. I need to get a new computer as the one with Affinity products on it is poosibly/probably broken. The computer on which I am writing this email is just a small laptop so not suitable for the task. Can someone inform me how, once I have got the computer, how I add onto it copies of the version 1 Affinity products for which I have previously bought licences please? It is possible that I once knew how to do this but if so, I have forgotten. This would need to be by getting them from Serif in some way. I seem to remember something that it is alright to do this within the terms of the licence. William
  17. Oh, thank you for reminding me of that thread, I had forgotten about it. I had been using the computer fine with the workaround of using the NOVO button facility to get it started. I produced output from it. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/176267-a-winter-poem This is now another problem as the hinge seems to have come apart. https://punster.me/serif/viewtopic.php?id=351 William
  18. I probably need to buy a new computer as I want to continue to use Affinity software. The Lenovo computer running Windows 10, upon which the Affinity software here is installed has big problems, and is probably irreparable unless sent away to be repaired. I am writing this on another computer, a smaller computer running Windows 10S that I do not want to unlock to Windows 10, and I don't think there would be enough memory anyway. I am looking for a fairly basic computer as long as it can do the job. I have no need for a computer than can run fast video games and the like. A 14 inch screen is fine for me. My question is this please. How much RAM is needed to run Affinity software please? Is 4 Gigabytes enough? A lot of the lower priced computers seem to have 4 Gigabytes of RAM. Also, how much storage memory do Affinity programs themselves need please, quite apart from the storage for files produced by users of Affinity products as a result of using Affinity products. William
  19. Yes, well backing up the .exe files is a very good idea. Alas, (I know, I know 😀 ) I have a problem with the computer upon which Affinity software is loaded. A thread about my computer problem in Alfred's Serif Users' Forum It may well result in a new computer being needing to be purchased, yet not on Boxing Day or until businesses settle after the start of the New Year and depending on the weather too in practice. Off-topic link to a different thread in Alfred's Serif Users' forum for anyone who wants to have a look William
  20. It can sometimes happen that, due to a computer breakdown, a customer of Serif needs to load a new copy of one or more Affinity version 1 programs, for which the customer has bought a licence some time ago, onto a new computer. For how long will Serif support downloading of version 1 Affinity software please? William
  21. There would be no monitoring of the number of prints by Serif, nor any enforcement. My thinking is that people post things in the Share your work forum and it would be possible for someone to make a copy of that artwork and use that copy to produce a print and frame it and display it. But I would not do that as I would regard it as improper for me to do that without permission. Yet if the artist could (also) make it available in the Serif store and I could pay £1 and thus permission from the artist to print a copy, or to get a copy printed by a printing service, then fine, I could get the print honourably and the artist would recive a small reward. So, maybe the artist gets 50p, maybe as a credit for purchases from Serif store for amounts up to some level, but as money above that. So if lots of people bought such a licence to print some particular artwork the artist would benefit, not only from the monetary reward but by recognition of his or her art as it would be displayed in many homes and offices. I cannot guarantee what else might happen, but if an artist has his or her art noticed, then que sera sera! Well, it could be restricted to PDF documents produced using Affinity products. Maybe a condition being that the item is also available in the clear in the Share your work forum. But over the years I have had various ideas - I don't mean just in relation to Serif - some make progress, some don't. From posts other than from me in this thread, it looks like this one won't get off the ground, yet it could have soared in splendour as an opportunity creating infrastructure for people who produce art using Serif Affinity products. Alas, mais c'est la vie. This idea could work if people want it to work. If they don't, then it won't. William
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