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  1. I like my old (and slow) ACDSee photo organizer. ACDSee has the ability to shell to an external editor. I would like to make Affinity my photo editor but I need the program path to Affinity executable. It is a standard Windows 10 Affinity install. Can you help me out?
  2. Thanks to all! I will try to replicate what you'all did. Fred
  3. Seems to be an issue with me. I have a JPG which is a VW with a Christmas Tree on top. I want to replace the VW with my VW and save it. I have been able to select part of my picture but Affenity refuses to copy the selection to the other picture. I did get a partial copy as a partial copy blue outline but that was it. Thanks VW Christmas.afphoto
  4. Just learning. I want to copy myself into a group picture. I had my subjects stand side by side and took a photo. Then I had the last on on the left stay and the rest dismissed from the frame. I went and stood where I would next to the last one on the left. Then that person was dismissed from the frame and someone took my picture from the same spot I was standing so there is now just a picture of me. I've been able to use the Selection Tool Brush to isolate me in my picture. Please explain how to copy "me" and overlay my image on the group photo.. Thanks!
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