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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Really neat and fun way to do text. C
  2. That's really awesome how it moves. To do the video did they do each letter and stop the video so the red is only on the letters? C
  3. Thanks that is really cool! Can't wait to try that out. C
  4. Affinity Live keynote video 00:52-00:56. Thanks C
  5. Saw on the preview video they write with red on to the word Vortex. It is a rectangle then a line and back to a rectangle with no in between red areas. How did they do it? Thanks, C
  6. Sunshine Kid

    Table of contents and hyperlinks

    Okay I tried just using the page numbers and that worked BUT without hovering over the numbers you can't tell that its a link so I made it underlined and a blue so it looks like a link. Problem now is that I can save the PDF spreads and the links work BUT if you save the PDF as single pages the software shows this error message An error occurred while exporting to:...... How can I export to single page with links? Thanks, Carol (location of file on desktop)
  7. Sunshine Kid

    Table of contents and hyperlinks

    Will try that later. Do you know if the text will ever be used instead since that is larger for folks to see that its a link than the number? Thanks, Carol
  8. Sunshine Kid

    Table of contents and hyperlinks

    HI, I am trying to make the table of contents link to sections in the booklet and have the final PDF have links that work. Right now I have the hyper links in the table of contents BUT they don't work in the created PDF. I have the box checked in the export area for hyperlinks to be exported with the document. Does this feature not work yet? Thanks, Carol
  9. Sunshine Kid

    Linking text to update

    NO that did not work. There was no area to use the page number in the text to link to the title of the area I wanted to be linked to and update in case the area moves a page up or down in the document. I can do a hyperlink from the number to the area but that will only give the folks a way to the new location of the area NOT update the page number in the text before the area. It would always be wrong. Sample of text: Review page 9 in this book for a complete listing of how to... A Hyperlink will take it to the section area using a link to the title of the section BUT this text on page 4 will always say page 9 even when it moves in later editions. I only have 1 reference like this but trying to remember where it is on future editions will be a pain. Anyone else have a way to deal with this? Thanks, C
  10. Sunshine Kid

    Linking text to update

    Okay think you are talking about Document Sections under Fields so will try that. Thanks C
  11. Affinity Publisher Can you link a page number in text content to update if the content you are linking to updates to a different page? I have a page that says Review page 5 in this book and if the piece on page 5 moves to page 6 then folks will go to the wrong page. Thanks C
  12. Sunshine Kid

    Working on a list in Frame tool

    Yes, I meant Context Toolbar, typo. I was in the Frame text tool and had some text beyond the frame so there was a red triangle in the upper left and lower right. The screen blinks and then you see the text but not the tools. No data is lost but it took me some time to restore the tools as I had not learned where they were located. Had a friend look at the problem and he found I had clicked out of my text box. Then I hit the tab key which does "Toggle UI". So, all of the tools vanished and I had to put them back one by one. (If it happens again, I'll just hit tab and toggle the tools back on.) The moral of the story is "Don't type, when you're not in a text box.". All sorts of strange and wonderful things happen.
  13. While typing the info and when I Get to the next line that is opposite the red triangle I hit it instead of the line and the tool bars crash. I get Hide Studio, loose Content Toolbar and loose Show Tool bar and have to reset them. After crashing the tool bars a few times I now watch the red triangle when I enter info on the line near it. First time it took me a few minutes to know where the tool bars where. The no tools screen and really scare you when you think you might have lost your data. Just wanted you to know so hopefully you can fix it. C

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