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  1. No admins or moderators online to provide some concrete insights?
  2. Thanks! Why isn’t there a dedicated button to access this directly? For a premium app like Affinity Photo (which it is, looking at the average price point of competitors), this should definitely have been implemented already. Especially, since a big portion of Affinity Photo’s target audience have their images on either an SD or HDD (both are supported in iPadOS). The devs didn’t need to wait till the final release to work on a simple button. They could have started when the first beta came out, like other develops.
  3. I recently bought the 2019 version of the iPad Air, as well as the SD to lightning adapter. Even though I am running the latest version of iPad OS, which should allow 3rd party apps to access photos on the SD card directly, I can’t seem to find this option in Affinity Photo... Am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. When can we approximately expect v1.7 of Affinity Photo? I am asking as it seems to have full support for Fujifilm X-Trans. Source: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-photo-17-beta-available-now/ "Reimplemented support for XTrans sensors. Planning to buy a Fujifilm X-T3, hence full software support would be great.
  5. Thanks! That's pretty useful indeed. Wasn't aware of this. Great! Does anyone know how to copy this setting to a batch of other RAW images? In case this isn't yet possible, is it possible to copy this white balance setting to other RAW images individually? Obviously, I only take 1 photo with a WB calibration card before taking a lot without (I only need to retake a picture with the card when conditions change).
  6. Like many professional photographers, I am often taking several photos using a WB card to calibrate the white balance of my RAW images in post. In Lightroom and C1 one can select this card (using the white balance selector) to show the program what is considered “true white”. Afterwards, one could copy these settings to other photos made under the same light conditions. Unfortunately, when using Affinity Photo for iPad, I can’t seem to find an option to select the “true white” from the WB card and to copy my settings to other photos. Am I missing something? Without this option, the program becomes pretty useless for (professional) people with a lot of RAW images using WB calibration cards.
  7. I recently received my new iPad Pro (2018) and instantly bought Affinity Photo for iOS. So far, I love the app, however do miss an option to auto correct images. E.g. auto contrast, auto white balance etc. Are these options available or will they be included in an upcoming release? Especially, for a first quick edit, these features would be very valuable.
  8. The Fujifilm X-T3 has been added to iOS. Just the uncompressed format, however this is the best and most commonly used version anyhow. Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208967#notes
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