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  1. Thank you, much appreciated.
  2. Hi Gabe, no, only one folder deep.
  3. Thanks. I’ve been experimenting, in some images the slices will export to iCloud Drive ( which at least means I am doing it right!) but not Dropbox.
  4. Thanks Gabe. The same thing happened, it looks like it’s all going fine but nothing arrives in the folder I’m exporting to.
  5. Hi, I am having no luck exporting slices in AD on my iPad. Exporting in the File menu works fine though. I’m pretty sure I have followed the export tutorial exactly, chosen my export folder (tried Box, Dropbox and iCloud) and export format (tried PNG and JPG), chosen my slices to be exported (tried individual small slices as well as a number of them together). When I hit the Export All, it appears to work, I get the ‘ the current item is being exported to your chosen folder’ message, but nothing arrives in my folder. I have tried on a different iPad and with different images with no luck. I must be missing something, any advice will be very welcome!

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