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  1. However you moved this request in the affinity designer section, I was asking it for affinity photo even if also designer needs this!
  2. Yeah I tried that workaround but it is pretty useless.. the Apple Pencil is so precise that to know the center you just need to look at the tip.. it is a really simple feature to implement, we are not asking for hovering support! I think that probably would require apple’s support
  3. I am unable to try this because now the app does not increase in space usage.. the perfect opposite! Now i have multiple files opened, i even created a black document in AP, but storage manager still shows 37kb used. This part of the program is broken as hell
  4. Is it possible to see the circle representing the brush size while using the Apple Pencil? This would give users more control when painting. Just like the grey circle that appears around the mouse on photoshop on desktop. Probably due to apple pencil’s limitation this would be impossible to do when hovering the pen is hovering the screen, but at least it would be a nice feature to have when the pen is touching the screen. Is this a feature or not? If not i would like to request an implementation..
  5. As the title says, is it possible to delimit/choose the source zone from where the inpainting is taking it’s samples to generate new pixels? In photoshop we used to do this by masking the unwanted areas and then deleting the mask after the content aware fill did it’s job. Now Adobe added an official brush-like tool to choose the source from where to sample. Is there anything similar to this in Affinity Photo? If not, i strongly suggest to implement something similar to this..
  6. In the settings i have set it to save On My IPad instead of on ICloud.. However only photos dragged and dropped from camera roll into AP show in the Affinity Photo folder! Photos imported from camera roll directly from the app do not show, neither imported from the cloud. To make them appear in the files app I have to tap the three dots and hit save. I have not still tried open from cloud but i don’t know if it matters..
  7. For some people works for other don't, sometimes to me even happened that the used space didn't grow up when importing new files..
  8. Is this forum dead? A lot of people reported this bug. This need to be fixed. There is NO WAY you can sell an app that is bugged like this.
  9. Same problem from me, months later.. guys are you fixing the issue?
  10. Same problem here.. Using ipad pro 2018 12,9"
  11. This is clearly unacceptable Hope they are going to fix this!
  12. As the title says, the app is not clearing storage when i close the documents!! To test this i exported to the files app all the documents, moved the documents to the folder of an app i use to transfer files via WiFi and so i transfered them to my External HDD. Then i deleted (closed) all the documents in the Affinity Photo dashboard. The app is still using an insane amount of disk space. This is unacceptable. Using an iPad Pro 12,9” 2018, 1Tb, latest iOS version
  13. Here is a video.. hope it explains better the situation. https://youtu.be/a1PafHggDPQ
  14. Ok thank youuu, finally are keyboard shortcuts coming to ap on ipad? This would have been really easier
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