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  1. I'd also like to see this option. I often prepare an A4 poster and would also like to export it as and A5 or maybe A6 as a flyer. I don't want to have to create 3 versions of the same thing. In the old PagePlus you could set a percentage size for the export, it just scales the document. I never had any reproduction issues.
  2. Thanks carl123, that worked. Out of interest what does the icon to the left of Revert Defaults do?
  3. I have noticed that when using test frames the attributes/properties of the previous text frame are retained when I draw a new one, frame border, colour, text effects etc. Is there a way to clear those in one go?
  4. Is it correct that only a photo imported to a document using the Place Image Tool can then have transparency applied to it using the Transparency Tool? If I draw a picture frame then place a photo, when I try to apply transparency, the slider appears in the photo but has no affect, which seems odd.
  5. I can't see an undo or redo button on the tool bar, I used them quite frequently in PagePlus and is useful to have, can this option be added? Thanks.
  6. Is it possible to add a fill colour to a text box as it was in PagePlus?
  7. In PagePlus, when you selected an item that had a colour fill that colour was highlighted on the colour swatch (thicker line or white line I think) making it easy to identify the colour you had been using. I can't see that this happens with Affinity Publisher, so I have to hover over each square until I find the right colour reference.
  8. Here's what I mean; had I been using PagePlus and selected the green object, that colour would have been highlighted on the palette , so I could identify the colour I had used.

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