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  1. Mostly, I'd say yes. But I've yet to find an FTP plugin that works as seamlessly for me as RemoteFTP for Atom. I regularly just want to work directly with the remote filesystem. It does that more smoothly than anything I've used with VS Code. But the alternatives are workable. I switched from Atom ... but I still keep it installed.
  2. Another vote for max initial zoom to be fit to screen UP TO 100% zoom. If it's larger than the screen allows, of course it makes sense to zoom down to fit. But if you're working on small images (like a 300x250 banner ad), BLAM!! It's all up in your face. I appreciate having the Ctrl+1 shortcut a lot, but it would be great if there was at least an option to override this default behaviour. It's not a big show stopping bug, but it would be a HUGE usability improvement for a whole lot of users.
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