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  1. ?? I did only ask, if somebody knew a solution for the crashed file. Respectively I hoped that the developers would find a fix for such problem for the full release. I really do not need your knowing better how to manage my work. Please answer the question, in case you have something productive to share, or take care of something else.
  2. Hi JFisher, thank you for the support. I have already started a new file, so I will not need the old anymore in the future. But maybe the development team will be able to fix the problem for the first full release, so this post would have had a sense.
  3. I do not use Time Machine, because I make my backups manually.
  4. I tried the same, both version do not work.. Unfortunately i did not make any backup in the past days...
  5. I have created a file that crashed when i tried to apply a text style to an imported text. Unfortunately I saved the file exactly before this operation and now publisher is not able to open the file again, whether with the actual version nor a earlier. The file was firstly created in the previous version and did work in the new version too. Everything worked fine till I pasted the text... Does anybody have an idea what to do in order to be able to reopen the file? I have attached the file, if anybody would like to make a try. Many thanks in advance. crashed file.afpub
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