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  1. Going to add to this as well. I can affirm that I'm having similar difficulties as of 7/7/19 - works for a bit, then not, pan not working, brush only makes straight lines made, etc. Adding - the "High Precision Tablet input" (Preferences> Tools) messes with the input screen area. The screen IS set up correctly for this monitor - I get near the left toolbar and... zip, my cursor is on the right side of the monitor? Whaaaaat? Turning this off fixes the problem. I appreciate the team working on this issue, but I'm not enjoying being "locked" onto one monitor. FYI - the only thing i had on a second monitor was the Layers Pallet. :O Huion H1060P w/ battery free pen / (3) monitors / Both huion drivers and Photo & Designer have the latest updates.
  2. Hey all, I can confirm I have the same issue with the same Huion Tablet. VERY Laggy - move across the tablet and it's like a Time-warp watching the screen icon 'catch up' with the intended position. Use of the tablet in the normal Windows environment and other graphic software seems fine. I appreciate the help noted (above) and will look at the 'high-precision' settings when I get to my home machine. I hope this works!

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