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  1. @Gabe Sorry, I didn't get a notification that you wrote something. It's not adding the weird characters anymore. I have given up on it and I am going to start a new file. I can't do anything in that file without it crashing.
  2. Sorry, the screen shot isn't showing what I was referring to. The screenshot is showing, like you said, an object pinned, which I don't believe I added. The OBJ was showing up in the actual textbox as I was typing. I'm just calling this file a loss my brain is fried from trying to fix whatever it is.
  3. I am creating a planner template so that I can just change the backgrounds to create different versions. The first thing that happened was I started typing in weird characters. Like, a black box with white vertical letters OBJ. I would try to delete and it would add more weird letters. I'm not sure if at that time it started adding the inline text frame. I fixed it in the master page but I still have to go and delete each one individually. Then it crashed. Then it started not saving at all by crashing when I click save. I was also using the "edit detached" feature a lot. I am able to export the file just fine. I have uploaded a file for you to look at. I have also tried BETA but that did not change the issue. I also tried updating windows. It did not fix it. Restarting computer did not fix. Not running FontBase did not help either. Also, last night it wasn't changing the pages when I changed the master page until I double clicked on the pages themselves.
  4. It did work after I let it sit for a little bit! Not without giving me the "not responding" and this screen, but it did work!
  5. Printing right now. I will check when I'm done with that. I don't believe so though.
  6. Hi Gabe, I have usually have one notebook of 39 pages open, barely any graphics and the normal windows fonts are there, but then I activate about 280 when I start up Fontbase. I have upwards of 8000 total. Usually publisher just ends up freezing. When I open my task manager it is not moving at all. I just kill it and open it again after I have fontbase open. Just wanted to bring it to your attention as a bug. Or maybe it's just me.
  7. I use Fontbase and I like to not have it come on at start up so it doesn't slow my computer down. But if I forget to start it before I open Publisher, Publisher has a fit. It will "not respond", be frozen, flash in and out like it's refreshing for each and every font that I have active. I have to open task manager to kill Publisher, start Fontbase and open Publisher again. Then it works just fine. It works fine if I have Fontbase come on in start up and then open Publisher as well.
  8. This worked for me. It kept getting stuck on the first two pages. I could scroll through the pages on the left but it wouldn't budge the center screen. Sometimes if I go somewhere else on my computer and come back it would fix itself. Most of the time I would have to close the file and open it again.
  9. I have searched to see if this has been fixed in the beta but I couldn't see specifically if it has. I am using tables to create calendar months and then linking the days to a page in a daily journal. They are put in correctly but when I export to pdf it changes what page the link goes to. I believe it is changing the whole row to the last page hyperlinked in the week. Weirdly though, the last week is all correct. I have spent hours trying to fix this, exporting is super slow! Many times I can figure it out myself but I think this is a bug. I have resorted to making 365 text boxes and linking those to the pages. Also, if it is fixed in beta, will installing it overwrite my previous build?
  10. Thanks, I understand what you are saying but I am wanting to change the font of the words already typed in the Month boxes. So, I have a master for the month with a certain font. Then I go ahead and fill in my Jan, Feb, etc. on appropriate page. Now I want to change the font of all of those month names I already typed in. When I tried using styles it still changes the whole word not just the style. Not sure if that makes any sense.
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