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  1. Hi, I came across this error so many times I lost count really. Its like this, whenever after a prolonged use I select any shape, those blue outlines around the shapes go invisible. Only after restarting AD does the problem solves. Does anybody else face it? I have AD installed in both my desktop and laptop and in both cases this problem doesn't seem to back off.
  2. Exactly. Many a times, stylization of fonts using warp tools will be print specific so its kinda a let down not having it in Affinity Designer which is otherwise such a great app! Hoping they roll out this feature in near future.
  3. Well then have to turn to illustrator only for the time being because certain professional features are still missing big time in affinity like the one I mentioned and the shape builder tool(though it can be ignored). As it is mentioned in affinity website that "affinity got you covered..." not quite well sorry to say.
  4. Hi, I have tried alot to find out the text arching features like lower arching upper arching features in Affinity Designer as well as free transforming of texts but all in vain. Examples of which I have attached(taken from google). So far I have to use adobee illustrator to do these arching and transforming and take it back to affinity designer which is really time consuming. Is there this feature already or are you guys planning to release it anytime soon? Its a big let downbecause so important these features are
  5. When m trying to click place order with paypal button, a error message coming.. m not able to go to paypal site. what to do? I checked that this issue is within affinity site only coz I can use the same card with paypal for purchases elsewhere! This is really frustrating since I would like to utilise the black friday offer. check the attachment for better understanding.
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