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  1. Is there a proper tutorial on how to print in Affinity Photo? Am getting a red overlay on a fielI wish to print and can<t seem to scale it or adjust it to fit. The help files don't appear to contain any info to adrress this isse. Thanks
  2. JeanSJ

    Inverting a Mask - how to do that in Affinity Photo

    Hello, I've run into a problem trying to invert a mask in Affinity. While selecting Cmd+i (Mac OSX High Sierra) the mask does seem to invert but the mask icon that appears in the layer panel does not indicate that it has been inverted. The only way I can invert the mask and have the icon indicate that it is indeed inverted is by right clicking on the mask and selecting Cmd+r to release the mask. The mask then shoots to the top of the layer stack. I then have to invert the mask and drag in down into its proper position. This seems rather cumbersome. Grateful any suggestions
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding file size upon importation I'm loading a RAW file which is 19,901,440 pixels. Imported into Develop, the description in the tool bar reads: 4624x3472px, 16,05MP, RVBA/32 (HRD) Raw. Applying develop to open the image in Photo Persona leads to the follwing information in the Photo tool bar : 4624x 3472px, 16,05MP, RVBA 16. Question: Why is the raw file, once imported in Affinity, 3,9 megapixels (20%) smaller than its original? What information has been lost? Secondly, am I correct in assuming from the informatin above that while the file was in 32 bit depth in Develop, it was changed to 16 bit depth upon importation into Photo? Thanks