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  1. Hello, I have a question regarding file size upon importation I'm loading a RAW file which is 19,901,440 pixels. Imported into Develop, the description in the tool bar reads: 4624x3472px, 16,05MP, RVBA/32 (HRD) Raw. Applying develop to open the image in Photo Persona leads to the follwing information in the Photo tool bar : 4624x 3472px, 16,05MP, RVBA 16. Question: Why is the raw file, once imported in Affinity, 3,9 megapixels (20%) smaller than its original? What information has been lost? Secondly, am I correct in assuming from the informatin above that while the file was in 32 bit depth in Develop, it was changed to 16 bit depth upon importation into Photo? Thanks