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  1. I wanted to try out vector inking a sketch so I brought in a doodle that I had done in SketchBook, put it in a locked layer and started. I found that thinner brushes and brushes that use pressure to vary width are very jagged. I went through different settings and ensured that my performance --> view quality was set to Bilinear (Best Quality) and at this point I am at a loss. I need to be able to use fine lines. Is this something that is not possible with AF Designer at this time? Is it because I have brought in a PNG file from a different software and it is reacting to it even though it is locked? I have enclosed a screen shot in hopes that maybe someone can point out my errors or perhaps offer some suggestions,
  2. Is there documentation to go along with the Beta? I can not find the new Isometric Studio or Actually, I had trouble finding a few things but these are the two things I've been waiting for and am really looking forward to trying out.