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  1. Hi Sean P, Thanks for getting back quickly. I would've thought that when using the move tool (selecting whole objects) this would be the case, but for the node tool that it only affected the selected nodes instead of the whole object. It seems its hard to center both vertical and horizontal using the transform controls you posted, the handles disapear after aligning either center. Is there a way to bind a key to this (like the one in the screenshot, 2B)? Or even better, macros like in Photos.
  2. Hi, When using Affinity Designer, i'd like to align nodes to eachother, like align middle and center to make sure two nodes from different triangles are at the same location. It's great that 1.7 beta supports this through the use of the alignment buttons: A) Select nodes: B) Align through buttons: C) Result: However, as I'd have to do this hundreds of times in a real document, I'd like to automate it, in Photos it could use macros, in Designer i can bind a key, however, when aligning through the menu it acts a bit different. It acts the same way id does in the current 1.6: A) Select nodes: B) Align though menu (or keypress): C) Result: Is this intentional or something that will be fixed in 1.7? I've attached a sample file. Best regards! node_alignment.afdesign
  3. Just what i needed to hear, thanks!
  4. Hi Serif, Where are the workbooks shipped from? Looking to figure out if it's from inside or outside EU. Thanks!