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  1. Is there a way in the application itself to re-open a locally saved file that has been closed? I accidentally closed a file and could not find it when trying to open locally saved files while using the application. I did manage to find it and open it using Files for iOS, bu I figured that the application would have this functionality built in. It was also missing the last save I made. I don’t think the application should remove the save screen if it’s still saving or failed to save (maybe display an error message?)
  2. When transforming something by shifting it’s X or Y value by sliding your finger on that field (sliding X transformation to move selected items left or right) should not be saved under Undo options for EACH pixel shifted. It makes performing an undo after transformation impossible. It erases any other undo possibilities because it fills it up with each small transformation. It should only save it when switching to another tool/transformation or maybe so many seconds after lifting your finger from the transformation.