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  1. Hi guys, yesterday I purchased AD and this morning I decide to give it a try. Great software! After an hour and a half this is my first work. Hope you like it.
  2. Itsy bitsy spider...
  3. This is the result from one more hour of experimenting with blending options and adjustments. Plus one more texture for the body and wings. For me is way better, but still not "perfect". Later I'll try to edit this piece in Affinity Photo, but first I'm going to program some games at work .
  4. Thanks again. It's impressive. I'll try this tomorrow.
  5. Thanks @Aammppaa. I can't disagree with you, the last two pieces are wired and different (a bit not finished). Thanks for advise and yes I have Affinity Photo and I'll check that feature .
  6. I tried to mix my cartoonish style with the art style from my previous post. The result it's a bit weird, but I like it.
  7. This morning I try to draw Tlaloc the Aztec god of water. I try some blending options and texture in this piece. Hope you like it.
  8. This morning I draw this little cute octopus. Hope you like it.
  9. This morning i draw this incredible fella. Hope you like it.
  10. Today something unusual. Some kind of steampunk character or so . Hope you like it.
  11. @LyricsGirl and @LastGrasp Thank you for the kind words. This hot summer Sunday I decide to draw something thematic - I present you the Atomic Birdie . Have a nice day and enjoy the creating great stuff with Affinity.
  12. Thanks. Your work is dope too
  13. After watching "Detective Pikachu" and "Chernobyl" TV series, I decided to draw this character mashup. I present you Detective Pikachov . Hope you like it.
  14. Experimenting with textures and basic vector shapes. Hope you like it.
  15. I wanted to draw, but I did not know what and that pal came in after 30 minutes. Yeah, he's a little weird, but I like him
  16. Hi @segts, No is not. It is gradient layer with noise colour fill as overlay. The layer is with 65% opacity. If you wish check the working file. Cheers! CookieNinja.afdesign
  17. After a short break, I am glad to share with you my new c character made in Affinity designer.
  18. Hi guys. This time I want to share a pirate character making of video for my new game. Soon I'll animate this little guy and share the progress. Hope you like it. Have a nice day.
  19. I decided to participate in Character Design Challenge on FB! This is my mouse warrior a.k.a the Cheese Slayer . I really love this guy, but I had big trouble with his tail and for now he don't deserve one
  20. DeyanApp

    First work is out

    Welcome to Affinity. Great first try! Only thing you need is more and more practice and even better results will come. I like that you use very few colours. Keep with the good work.
  21. Hi guys. This time I want to draw something familiar - Wall-E. My desire was to make a tutorial, but it turned out to be very difficult. the video is about 3 times slower than usual. Hope you like it. Have a nice day
  22. This time something really easy to draw, but very cool - a little cute bee. I hope you'll like it . Have a nice day.
  23. No worries, it takes time to master Unity and C#, just keep at it. And I will keep you posted on my game.
  24. Thank you, that is very kind! I think my Affinity skills can develop even more. My main goal is to do what I like. These videos are part of that. Actually, my main idea is to develop professionally-looking art and animations for my new games (I have been working as a game programmer for almost a decade).
  25. This morning I finally combine Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo in my work. I will starting to use Photo often for sure - another easy to use, fast and powerful tool by Serif. The drawing is funny twist of the zombies saga. Hope you like it. Have a beautiful day.