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  1. The ability to sort System Palettes would be a fantastic improvement.
  2. Okay... Now, when I re-opened Publisher and click on the Asset Tab, it no longer shuts down the program. However, all my Page Presets are gone. Is there a way to restore them?
  3. Here is a zip of the file: /Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher Old Affinity Publisher Old.zip
  4. This seems odd... I don't have that file in the Library/Containers folder. I do have similar files for Affinity Photo and Designer (see image).
  5. I have the app store versions of Affinity Photo and Designer but Affinity Store version of Publisher.
  6. Callum, Thanks for replying. As soon as I click on the Assets tab, Publisher quits. I'm using a 27in iMac OS 10.5. This also occurred when I was using Mojave. I've included a screen recording. Affinity-Publisher-Assets-crash.mp4
  7. When I click on the Assets tab in Publisher, the app crashes. Is there a fix for this?
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