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  1. Did this get resolved? I am having the same problem today. I just restarted my iPad and it is working...
  2. I have been using AP for quite awhile Now. It is a great alternative to PS on the iPad. I use it more than PS on my Mac. I have my graphics that I create things with in my iPad in File Explorer. The last iOS 12 messed that up a bit, would not stay connected to iCloud. So a bit ago, I tried to drag in a file from Files into Affinity Photo, it would not work. So I tried using place from files and most of my files are no longer available to use from either my iPad or iCloud. Any ideas???
  3. SO I figured out how to export multi-layered pngs with a transparent background. But ALL of the layer styles are not being saved. Ie I had a layer that I set the layer options to soft light next layer was luminosity One layer, I was able to save the bevel, but not the noise filter. But with this one none of the other styles would show. The file in all instances are less than 2mb. It also was a layered Tiff file I opened in Photo. Any ideas on how to save the layer styles as well....
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