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    Design_Doge got a reaction from Rich313 in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Still no solution for the lock/unlock guides "bug"?
    Button vanished after the last update and is still missing.
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    Design_Doge got a reaction from MEB in Lock/Unlock Guides-Button vanished? (v.   
    Thanks for helping! no problem. thats what a beta is for
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    (By the way: I was thinking about: is this post in the right sub-forum?)
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    Design_Doge got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Lock/Unlock Guides-Button vanished? (v.   
    Maybe a stupid question, but after the update to the newest Version (162) i'm "missing" the "Toggle Guides Editing"-Button on the right (top) to lock/unlock my guides.
    What happened and how can i lock/unlock my guides now?
    Thank you for helping!