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  1. Please can you add OCR in Affinity Designer and Publisher, I would also like to have the ability to create PDF form. Then Adobe Acrobat Pro can really kicked out the door. I am a mac user and there are not really good alternatives to it at this moment.
  2. Convert whole drawing to CMYK or RGB. Yesterday I was working on a document with different PMS colors and had to select every single object to convert it to CMYK by selecting sliders and entering the right values.That is really a lot of work. In addition of bullit one it would be very helpful to select everything with the same fill color or stroke color. So to convert a document from PMS to CMYK you first convert the whole document to CMYK and then you select one of the new converted CMYK color, click select all objects with same fill color and then change the values of the sliders. When you do this, you can change a document within a minute. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to do it in Affinity. I would like to have an option to select all text in the document. Then you can easily convert all text to curves before you send it out to be printed. Spell checker in Dutch language in all your software ;)
  3. I just found something out. If you want to move an object for a certain distance, you can go to the Transform box in the bottom right part of the screen. If the object is for example X 10,772 mm and Y also 10,772 mm from the top left of the page. You can move it by 10mm by adding '+ 10mm' behind the value. It will add the new value to the old value. The new value will be 20,772mm. Still a hassle if you ask me, but it works. Would like to have the enter key option like illustrator.
  4. Hello, I am an Adobe Illustrator user and I am slowly moving to designer the last couple weeks. I use designer mainly for advertisements, business card, letterhead paper, etc. for the business. I have a very simple question. If I want to move an object in Illustrator, I hit the Enter key, enter for example 12 mm horizontally and 12 mm vertically and the object moves 12 mm to the right en 12 mm to the bottom. I use this function a lot and I can not figure out how to this with Designer. Next problem is in the same range. When I pick the square tool in Illustrator I click with the left mouse button 1 time somewhere in the screen and it asks me what the width and the height of the square has to be. In Designer I do not know how to do this. At this moment I first draw a square with my mouse and after that I correct the size for the square with the transform tool in the lower right part of the screen. I think there must be an easier way to do this. Who can help me out? With kind regards, Thijs Helmers

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