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  1. Good evening, sir, Not only does the apostrophe problem persist in version, but the text ruler no longer escapes.
  2. I'm sorry to say that, contrary to what was communicated to me by email, the apostrophe problem is not fixed in Publisher, as I show in the attached file, screenshot of 6 lines written in Times New Roman 24, with the invisible characters, changing language three times and restarting each time. What is new is that I can select (space-apostrophe) and copy it to "Search" and make it "Replace All" with (apostrophe). But this is still a defect, when you check the typographical quotation marks. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. In fact, the "typographical quotes" option in the "Preferences" menu always creates a parasitic space before the apostrophe in Affinity Publisher beta The problem is not fixed.
  4. I wish an excellent year to all the developers of this exceptional application that allows me to work on the composition of geometrical books as none had done before, integrating the composition of texts and graphics as well as their modification. Even if there are still a few details I would like to see added, this is the application "that I would take to my desert island" and I thank you warmly.
  5. Is it planned to include a pattern editor (checkers, hatching, ...) among the styles in the final version 1.8? (I needed hatching and had to create it as a series of parallel lines).
  6. Can we expect the footnotes to be included in the final version 1.8?
  7. I don't know what I can show you. I change, for example, the "next style" in "Change Text Style 1", I click OK and it crashes.
  8. When I want to update or modify a paragraph style, beta crashes.
  9. I was hoping, by downloading the beta (mac), that the problem of the space that is inserted before the apostrophe, when choosing typographical quotation marks, would be solved, but it is not the case. I thought, the first time I realized it, it was related to the Times New Roman font, but in fact, it's true for other fonts. (One of the beta of version 1.7 had this defect and it was fixed.) Example : J ’ai ; l ’eau ; m ’attend ; n ’y ; t ’appartient Apostrophe.afpub
  10. In fact, it is the "typographical quotation marks" option of the "Preferences" menu that creates a space before the apostrophe in Affinity Publisher beta version
  11. The problem of the apostrophe inserting a front space seems to be related to the Times New Roman font. It does not occur with other fonts tried
  12. As in an old beta version of publisher 1.7, when I type ' (an apostrophe), Publisher writes: "space-apostrophe"
  13. I really appreciate Affinity Publisher which offers me integrated text and graphics tools. Only a few functions are missing that would be useful to me. Can I hope to be able to insert footnotes in a future version? I would also like to see the distance and polar angle of two points displayed without using the Pythagorean theorem.
  14. Since the final version, the deletion of characters (←) in a text created with a beta version acts as a tabulation. To correct a text, I have to cut it (cmd-X). Can we fix this bug?
  15. Since the last update, very often, copying exits the program. It's very embarrassing.
  16. Thank you for that answer. This is not exactly what I thought it would be: I would like to define a default character and paragraph style, which is taken into account with each new document. But your solution allows me to do this at the beginning of a new document, then save these styles for that document (which is an improvement). But I didn't understand how to make these changes apply systematically to all new documents as soon as they were created.
  17. Can I prevent the automatic creation of text styles in Affinity Publisher? The software adds text styles that are difficult to delete later.
  18. Can we hope to have footnotes in Affinity Publisher soon?
  19. La distance d'habillage ne fonctionne plus. Le txte est collé aux images, même si une distance avait été mise dans la précédente version.
  20. En choisissant les guillemets typographiques, l'apostrophe est toujours remplacée par un chevron : L ›apostophe.
  21. Depuis la dernière mise à jour, Affinity Publisher met automatiquement une majuscule après un nombre. exemple : 9 Doigts au lieu de 9 doigts. Comment changer ce comportement ?
  22. Depuis le dernière mise à jour, les guillemets et surtout apostrophes tapés au clavier ont été changés. Exemple : d'abord est devenu d ›abord. Et je n'arrive pas à trouver comment modifier le comportement de mon clavier dans Affinity Publisher.
  23. Est-il possible d'éditer les entêtes de lignes et colonnes d'un tableau déjà construit pour les modifier ?
  24. Est-il possible de fusionner deux documents Affinity Publisher en un seul ?
  25. Bonjour, J'apprécie énormément ce logiciel. Avez-vous envisagé d'inclure une fenêtre de duplication (nombre de copies, décalage, angle) ? Et je trouverais utile, pour les lignes, de voir affiché la longueur et l'angle et de disposer de bouts de flèches.
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