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  1. Thank you. Going through a learning curve - brilliant software.
  2. If I have, say, five separate 'pen' lines which join into the shape of a polygon, how do I convert them into a polygon so that I can fill that polygon with colour?
  3. Thank you, walt.farrell and carl123. carl123 has given me the answer I require as I have an existing document with over 20 pages which I use over and over again. As there is currently no Master page the user-definable fields look like the answer. Thank you for your time, boys.
  4. A great feature of PagePlus was the ability to create variables, e.g. you could have a document which shows the "Issue Number" at the top of every page. You could change this under Publication User Details and in the case of a multipage document changing this value once, changed it for every page in the document. I have not been able to find this feature in Affinity Publisher. Maybe I am not looking hard enough?

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