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  1. Here's two files. The PDF shows what happens to a rectangle with multiply blending mode and gaussian blur. Exported to PDF using Fogra 39 profile. (embed profiles NOT checked). This setting used to work fine about two versions ago. Cause the files I've made previously have worked fine and now give this fail when exported with same settings. fogra_test_export_fail.pdf fogra_test_orig.afdesign
  2. I think I've had this issue for a while now... Objects with Multiply and edge softening (like Gaussian blur) get this annoying "halo" when exported to PDF using any CoatedFOGRA icc. This used to work. But somewhere on the way with the updates this started to appear. If exported with Generic CMYK profile all blends in nicely (see attachment). But Fogra just spoils everything. If I change the blending mode to normal, all is well. But any other Blending mode just breaks it.
  3. It could be nice to be able to see the Publisher file pages in OSX Quick Look. Currently it shows only the first page. Affinity Designer shows a low res preview of the artboards inside the file. Publisher could do the same or even have the ability to browse the pages like with PDFs. This is just a minor thing... but something I faced pretty soon after ditching all of Adobe - and taking on Affinity and Publisher beta. Thanks guys for developing the next gen apps for us all working in visual design! I LOVE AFFINITY!
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