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    Mattie got a reaction from Jowday in Measuring and Line Length   
    I'm new to Affinity (trying to learn it so I can leave my Illustrator subscription). I use vector software to create sewing patterns, so length and measurement are really crucial features for me. If it matters, I'm using the desktop Mac version.
    I'm having trouble finding any way of measuring things that isn't strictly vertical or horizontal. Illuatrator tells you the length of a line or curve a couple ways (pic below). 
    Does Affinity tell me this information somewhere that I haven't found yet?  I know the box in the bottom right has H and W values, but that is only helpful for straight lines that are vertical or horizontal. Please don't tell me I have to rotate every line to horizontal to measure it...
    Thank you for your assistance!

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    Mattie got a reaction from BillCar in Measuring and Line Length   
    This is really disappointing. Wish I had known before I spent money on this program

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