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    Thank you Very much Wosven 😉

    The point is that all the tutorials are for the office desk version of Affinity Photo, not for the Ipad one.

    On the other hand I am French and it is a little complex for me.

    Perhaps some member would be able to answer my simple question about the transparency issue I raised in my last post ? (…"the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under… ")

  2. Thanks 😉

    In fact I think it’s possible to do that with the ios version as with the desktop version.

    But I have an issue.

    Here is how I do it in the say you do.

    -I create a layer and create a black rectangle 

    -I go to the first menu (horny sheet) > Canvas> Transparent canvas so I get a transparent background.

    -With the gradient tool I create a radial line

    -When I move it, there are a clear area and a dark one that I can change but the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under…

    So there is no transparency.

    Can you see where is the problem ?


  3. Another question about sharpness in raw mode 

    Is it possible to use the brush to sharpen a part of a photo ?  

    When I use the overlay brush, a red area appears where I painted and then I can not remove it, even if I click down on the palette in the appropriate circle "display an overlay"

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